She Ain’t Nuthin But a Goldigga

Published August 30, 2012 by bossymoksie
I’m just gonna tell it like it is. I’m not gonna be nice, because where does it get you? Nowhere. That’s why nice finishes last. Because you are not honest. So here it is: I like men with money. People can call me names all day long, but I know me. I’ve dated 1 or 2 a few guys who didn’t have money. It wasn’t fun. I was miserable. That’s me. I don’t like it. And I’m honest about it to myself and anyone who asks. But if I wanted to be nice and follow what bitter, broke men society says I should, I would say, ‘oh money doesn’t matter that much. It’s his heart.’ Swallow that bullshit every day while in a relationship with that broke mofo and then when his caring heart fucks it all up and we break up, I’m now in debt because I had to pay for half, or more, of everything. I like to come out of a relationship with a few gifts, not be in debt! I like a break-up to leave me with abundance, not lack. And that’s where material things come in, to help sooth any negative feelings from said break-up.

Shiny…all bad feelings have disappeared.

Also, men like to think they can buy me. This happens alot. I’m not gonna argue with it. But instead of the obedient, trophy poodle they get the nonstop bitchy chihauhua. Jokes on them. Unless they have other things besides money to keep me happy.Β It’s hilarious to me when a guy will show off his Rolex/Cartier/etc. and fancy sports car and then gets mad that bitches want him for his money. Why are you shoving it in our faces then! LOL! Oh, because you don’t think you have anything else to offer. That’s something you need to make peace with you and your ego instead of getting mad at bitches.

Just like men want to spread their seed with as many bitches as possible to populate a future generation, bitches want money to take care of those seeds. It’s biology. It’s the way. Men want offspring. We want that offspring and our pedicures to be taken care of. The end. Why do we get called names and shamed for our biological imprints? We can blame this shit on our ancestors too! Also blame social Darwinisn. I’m pretty. I can sleep with whoever I want. I can spend time with whomever I want. Naturally, I’m gonna select someone who can give me things and show me things that I can’t give myself. Otherwise, why am I there? I can have fun on my own. I can get attention on my own. We can keep each other company and have fun, without me getting into debt, and we can call it a day. Or a night. πŸ˜‰

I want to get something out of a relationship. The odds are that 99% of my relationships will fail. That’s just the way. And I will be taking something physical with me as we go on out separate ways to remember the good times with your moneyΒ you by.

Nice knowin’ ya!


23 comments on “She Ain’t Nuthin But a Goldigga

    • But I have a question about that morality.

      Men can say “I just want hot babes” and we’re supposed to be okay with being categorized that way. That is not judged as hard as when a women says “I just want men with money”. How is one a question about morality and the other isn’t?

      • It’s a little different. A man that respect the game wouldn’t just say I want hot babes. A man that’s true to the game knows that you MUST have the women you deal with bring more to the table than looks and sex. Men that say that are usually just simps and tricks. Society does make gold diggers out to be bad people. I just can’t co-sign that because real gold diggers are about their money and respect the game. I can’t argue with that.

  • Yes I approve this message!! This is the way it have to be if you true to yourself. If you know you about that money then don’t half step for sure!! I am surely about a man gifting me especially when I am gifting him with my gold between my legs…BOOM!

  • @ all twenty something women – Bossymoskie is right here…do not marry a person that is broke, you will be miserable. While you are in your twenties, please…let me repeat…please marry a person who is well educated, good looking, and has some personality. This will be better for you. You will have children, and when you do, do you think the toothfairy will provide when you are nursing? No! Marry an educated, successuul man. However, make sure he treats you like the princesss you are, and not like a doormat.

    You are a princess…marry the man who treats you like a princess. However, you gonna be a princess in a trailer? No…

    • Yes Liz!
      Women forget that they should be treated GREAT! They just take whatever and talk about his ‘caring heart’. I’ve seen so many of these men end up dumping these girls or cheating on them with their ‘caring hearts’. Money is a HUGE factor in modern divorces too! That’s something else to think about! But no one wants to talk about it.

      • Yes, it is…Even if the man is not all that handsome, if he is sweet, kind and educated who treats a woman like gold, then that is a good man. πŸ™‚

        Looks certainly do not matter that much when you get older, men age very well (most of the time). It just makes family life easier to be able to afford the essentials, and not have to live paycheck to paycheck constantly.

        Also, a man who can fix just about anything, I find very attractive. My husband could fix any piece of machinery in an hour – have no clue where he learned all of this stuff….It’s nice though. Love a man who is not afraid to get his hands dirty, those are the hard workers, typically.

  • I dont know if golddigga is appropriate though, because it seems like you just dont want to be with someone who isn’t going anywhere and you end up paying for everything, am I wrong?
    I’d dated men who were down and out because of circumstances but they had plans to get better. BUT those are the rare exception. Usually, they were losers intent on being jobless and mooching off of everyone else so they could stay drunk, get their weed, or just basically be lazy all day playing video games on my dime.
    Thankfully I’m married to someone who is gainfully employed and works hard, just like I do. That’s not a gold digger, that’s looking out for yourself. And having standards.

    • THANK YOU!
      I am always looking out for number one and I think more women need to do the same.
      Most dudes without money aren’t going anywhere and don’t want to.
      I am not interested hanging out with you in your mother’s basement while you smoke out and watch Michael Bay movies.
      The world is a much bigger place and I want to be all up in it!

  • On a first date when I meet with chick and take her to some coffee shop i like to give her 20 bucks and ask her to order me just a coffee, and whatever she likes for herself.

    When she comes back and gives you the change you can do very good judgment on her based on what she bought and how much she spent. You know right away who is in front of you.

    Very simple and prevents from wasting time.

    • That’s a good test.
      I always order at the same level as dudes on the first few dates. I have friends who will order the most expensive thing on the menu just cuz. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Why settle for a few dollars up front when you can get so much more later on? πŸ˜‰

      • Not sure where your friends are invited for the first dates, because if I went for the food with chick on a first date and she ordered most expensive shit out of menu, she might end up paying it by herself (why pay if you not going to see her again) lol

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