We Do Smell Fear

Published September 25, 2012 by bossymoksie

This one is for the boys!

EDIT*: Shout out for Social Kenny at “Kenny PUA” for inspiring this post.

I’ve had rich and successful men and not so rich and successful try to step to me with fear in their hearts and mind. And it makes me laugh. Yes, laugh. Because I know I’m just another girl out there and he is tripping over nothing. I mean I am amazing, but I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna be the love of your life and worth all your bumbling. And even if I was, why would you be afraid of that? You should be happy, confident, and ready to go. Not side stepping, lurking and shifting your eyes when you approach me.

They say never approach beautiful women with fear. They are right. We get approached a lot. We can tell the difference. We hang out with a lot of guys because they want out hang out with us. Yes, we can smell fear and insecurity. It shows in how you talk to us. We don’t like it. Unless of course, our insecurity levels match. Generally, insecurity/ fear is a turn off.

How to avoid this?

Keep it flirty, keep it light.

It doesn’t even matter what you talk about if you keep the tone playful and fun. You could talk about the environment (party/friend you know/store you are both in), you could talk about voting, you could talk about space aliens. Doesn’t matter as long as you keep it playful.

Girls want to have a fun experience, so if you are giving them that, then you are ahead of the game. If we can tell you’re scared or not confident, then you are DOA. And all we’re doing is trying to find a polite way to get rid of you. And that’s if you’re lucky.

You have to take whatever buildup you have about us out of your head. Sure, we could end up being your true love and best friend for life or even the hottest sex of your life. But more times than not, we are just gonna be that girl you fucked around with for awhile, the girl who cheated on you, the girl who annoyed you and was difficult, the girl who was the doormat, the girl who was convenient for you, the girl who showed you what you really wanted, or the girl you fucked up on.

So calm it down. You need to

a) just think of it as a fun. Girls just want to have fun too! And we love attention. You coming over to give it to us, especially if no one else is is a big plus in our book.

b) be able to read nonverbal cues! This is very important! If you don’t know them, google that bitch! You have no excuse. Basically if she is looking you in the eye, with a smile, arms unfolded, body and face facing you, you are good. Any variation of that PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

If she is trying to escape, you need to make the exit first! Do so with a joke or interesting line so she will have doubts about wanting to initially reject you. You should probably try to be the first to exit anyway, even if she’s into you. Too much attention, and she gets spoiled and will take it for granted, or starts to think you are needy. You don’t have to follow her around the whole night, just get her phone number and follow up with her later. Just keep it light and fun! You don’t need to know her deepest fears and desires yet.

Approach and enjoy! We will not scratch your eyes out. Well, most of us won’t.

For effective, flirty texting tips, check out this post by Social Kenny!


34 comments on “We Do Smell Fear

  • Ha – I love that pic!
    I have to say, it goes for women, too. Confidence will take you very far.
    I have a friend of mine who is not the most attractive guy – in fact he’s straight up GOOFY looking, but he has the confidence of a movie star and he always has a pretty girl giving him attention.

  • I gotta laugh because I wanted to comment on this last night (well actually this morning @ 3:30 am), but my GF took my phone while we were lying down and said “no time for blogging”!

    So here I am at 6:48 am can’t even remember what to write.

    Anywho, I’m curious as to what you read when you come up with such insight(which are very similar to mines). Not saying you jacking my shit, but if I didn’t know you (blog-wise), I would’ve thought that you were a female pick-up artist coach.

  • Good article actually.

    Imho people should have a mission in their life and this mission should not be another person lol

    On a side note I think women cannot trust and just be herself with a man whom she feels is weaker than her, emotionally or anything else.

  • Wait, how did I miss this post? Definitely some good game in this. Good conversation is the foundation of your game. If you approach a dime with good conversation, she will roll with you. Plus dimes are just easier to deal with. Most attractive women are just cool as hell. You don’t have to do any of that extra shit because they have a lot of other guys trying to buy them shit and impress them. They also get a lot of free shit just for looking good.

    P.S. I’m signing up with Kenny for this approach class. That shit better me free though.

    • I read your post about approaching dimes. You know the deal. A good interaction stands out way more than the offering of gifts and promises, as much as I like those too!
      And what do you want to take an approach class for? You already wrote the post on this AND your wifed up!

  • I agree totally to everything you say. I usually have more women friends around me than men. And have no problem with flirting and am very comfortable with myself and women. But something happens when I like a girl a bit too much and don’t speak to her in the first instance. I become everything you say-a total bumbling idiot.:-)

  • Nurulthecook this is the classic case of putting way too much value in women. You can’t say you really like a girl you don’t even know. You don’t want to approach her but you really like her. How does that even work? Focus on getting options so you’re not stuck on one girl.

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