News Bulletin: Attention All Goldiggers

Published June 30, 2013 by bossymoksie

Its a code red. I know you serious gold digging bitches already knew about this weeks ago because your query search on your Google Alert has hand delivered this news to you. But for the amateurs:

Rupert Murdoch, 82, is in the midst of getting divorced to his wife Wendi Deng, 44. The two lovebirds who had a mutual respect for sex and money and all the bullshit in between, is ending their happily ever after. She is ready for some young dick and to move on with a piece of his money.

In case you don’t know, he is worth billions and owns News Corp. His previous wife walked away with a billion.

Of course a prenup is in place, and the current soon-to-be-ex may not be walking away with as much. This divorce is particularly juicier (to the news anyway) because it’s rumored she is already sleeping with someone who can actually keep it up longer than two minutes, Former Prime Minister Tony Blair. They think Rupert is already being vicious which is adding fuel to this rumor. But Rupert, why so mad? You are nearly a hundred, you had to have known the score when she married you.  I mean you should know by NOW the facts of life and the way it works when a young pretty girl is interested in fucking an old, rich ass!!!! LOL, must be nice to still be surprised at such a late age.

The only reason why that scandalicious part of the news is important though is to keep in mind that if you married a man for money, don’t fuck up your billion dollar prenup agreement by fucking around. Take note ladies!

It’s your turn now!

So get prepared on the art of feeding someone baby food, creative ways to get a penis up and hard, and trying to not look like a nurse when you’re holding hands while walking.

Step up and collect your billion!

NOTE: A billion dollars is too ambitious for me. What does one do with a billion dollars? There’s only so many interesting shoes and dresses out there!

Although having a pool filled with hundred dollar bills to swim in would be nice…

scrooge swim in money


16 comments on “News Bulletin: Attention All Goldiggers

  • Rupert should’ve known that he was just too fucking old to be with this girl in the first place lol! So to imagine that she was gonna stick with him is ridiculous. What happens when he dies, did Rupert think she would still stick by him (which is mathematically impossible)?

      • To be honest, I don’t know why guys date much younger girls. Well I know why, but @ the end of the day, the mismatch in age and social status will kill the marriage or relationship.

      • If you’re gonna go in like that, just know that the girl is going to grow up and want something else. You have to know that the basis of that relationship is based on something that won’t endure. I thought major tycoons knew that, or at least were aware. I guess women aren’t the only ones who delude themselves with fairy tales.

      • Exactly, tycoons should know better than anyone else since they are the so-called bright one who made it to the elite class. But they’re the most oblivious to social dynamics

      • Irony also is that intelligent men are usually horrible with women. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be intelligent, but those guys rarely ever apply intelligence to dating. I’m a super intelligent guy (sorry for the horn-tooting), but because of that, I was terrible with women- until I discovered pickup which taught us that coming off as intelligent is a death sentence in the dating world. So then I toned down the intelligence and ramp up the badboy recklessness and started to get laid like a rockstar 🙂

      • Kenny apologizing for tooting his own horn???!!!!!!! I expect that from you!
        Now that I think about it, intelligent guys (especially ones that have specialized knowledge) are usually boring and not good conversationalists. And intelligent discussions usually don’t have you thinking about the bedroom, unless there’s some clever flirting involved.

  • I’m not mad at this Deng chick for one second. The game is very real and being played every day. This quote sums up her game, “She is completely upfront, on the surface, having a great time with whatever she’s doing, enthralled by her life,” Wolff says. “She’s irresistible, and I don’t mean that sexually. If she took an interest in you, you would respond.”

    P.S. I’m in for swimming with hundred dollar bills

  • Good for her, hopefully not so bad for him, being almost hundred and sleeping with much younger women. At his age the only game left for him is use of his money and power, he cannot take the money into grave anyways.

    The only thing I do not get, why all those reach old farts get married, he could easily have an young chick whom he spoils and trows money on while keeping her on short leash and making her to come back.

  • So everybody is blaming the old cooter for making this mistake….what about the young cooter? You all are praising the gash for her schmarts…..puke on both of them for only thinking with the nether regions.

    • I don’t think ‘blame’ and ‘praise’ are the accurate words to describe the comments.
      He should just have known better, especially since he’s been on this planet for so long.
      And it’s not like he made this ‘mistake’ once.
      And to clarify: He is the one thinking with his nether regions, and she is the one using her nether regions.

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