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Ask A Bitch!

Published November 24, 2012 by bossymoksie

Thanksgiving edition!

Where I answer your questions about love, dating and hairy situations (questions in bold):

I am dating a guy and not sure what to do with Thanksgiving. We’ve been dating since late September. We’ve both brought it up but not agreed on anything. He thinks it’s too soon to meet the parents and I kinda agree, but I think it will look strange if we go to each of our families alone. What’s the best way to settle this?

It depends on you and your relationship. Me? I wouldn’t bring a dude around to the craziness of my family unless he was legally required to (read: he put a ring on it). And I’m not about to to hang out with someone else’s boring or crazier family so I just don’t. But if I did have to choose, I would follow the booze.  Because nothing makes you feel more like giving thanks than a good buzz.

But you seem willing and able to do either scenario. I have to ask if it’s because you really think you two should share this holiday together, or are you worried about how it will look, especially to your family? No one likes to fend for themselves at holidays when nosy-ass families start asking about your dating status and why you aren’t as miserable and married as they are, but don’t drag your new honey along with you prematurely just to prove something. It could backfire. And he already seems hesitant about wanting to deal with it any parental meets.

*P.S.- fyi, She went to his family’s place for Thanksgiving.

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Ask a Bitch!

Published November 17, 2012 by bossymoksie

Where I answer your questions about love, dating and hairy situations (questions in bold):

My boyfriend dumped me out of the blue two weeks ago. I had no clue. Everything was fine and then he said that things weren’t working out. I was caught unaware. I pleaded and asked what was wrong, if we could talk about it. He just said it was over. Last weekend, a friend told me he was dating one of his co-workers and that’s why he dumped me. How could this happen? Our relationship was fine. I did not know he was unhappy or not wanting to be there anymore.

You also didn’t know that he was a major douche. But now you do. I think the main question isn’t how and why this happened. The main question I have is why are you sitting around asking why. Obviously he doesnt give a fuck and has moved on. I suggest you find a way to follow suit.

I’ve been with my girlfriend off and on for the past four years. I love her. But she always dumps me. Then when I try to move on and date someone new, she comes back. And I always take her. I know that she loves me too because she always comes back to me when she thinks I am moving on without her. What I want to ask is how can I get her to stick around? Why dump me and then come back?

Because it makes her ego feel so so good when you dump that other somewhat amazing girl for her. She’s not serious about you and never will be. Otherwise she wouldn’t be dumping you and would stick around. And you wouldn’t have to write a bitch (that would be me) and ask her what to do. My advice? You do the dumping and don’t look back. Next time, find a girl with better self-esteem who can appreciate you.

This is a little embarrassing but I don’t wanna ask my friends. My boyfriend wants to have a threesome with another girl. He says it could be really fun. He’s done it before and really likes it. I’m open to new things but I don’t like the idea of seeing MY boyfriend with another girl. And I’m not interested in doing something with her. So what would be the point? Except to make him happy. I was hoping he’d drop it the first time he asked but he keeps bringing it up.

So many ways to answer this question, so little time…Bottom line: Just like anything else in a relationship, if you WANT to do it and are comfortable with it, then go for it. If not, which is what it seems you’re leaning towards, then don’t do it. Tell him no.

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Ghetto Deer Proves We are All Just Animals in the Dating Game

Published November 16, 2012 by bossymoksie

A few days ago, The Narcissist posted a few of her favorite online videos. One of them was ‘Ghetto Deer’ and it is the best damn thing. It’s HILARIOUS because this is true behavior, whether you’re an animal or human!

Check it out:

Ghetto Deer


If you want to see the other videos that made her list, click here.

Ask a Bitch!

Published November 10, 2012 by bossymoksie

Where I answer your questions about love, dating and hairy situations (questions in bold):

Met a hot girl at a Halloween party. We talked and had sex the same night. When I called her a week later, there was no answer. I thought we had a good time and wanted to see if there was something beyond a night of costumes. What now?

She was having fun. If she’s not responding she either A) didn’t think you were that great,B) you were a great distraction for her loneliness,  C) has a boyfriend, or D) doesn’t remember wtf she did and is more than happy to forget it.

There’s really nothing you can do if she doesn’t respond.

I usually go to the same club on the weekends. there is this hot guy that I see there all the time. I’m really into him and have fun. We slept together a few times after the club closed but I want to go out on a date with him. How can I do that?

Stop sleeping with him. He’s having fun too and thinks you’re fun. And that’s about it. Because that’s all you’ve shown him. And why would he want to change it? If you want to show him how fun you are outside the club and bedroom, you’re gonna have to stop the fucking and show him how great and fun your personality is, that is if you really have a fun personality or anything more to offer than your vagina.

I’ve seen this guy at a party and he’s really attractive. I like him. But when I talked to him for a few minutes I turned into a complete dork and couldn’t really talk. How would I get him to ask me out especially when I can’t talk! Or should I just ask him out?

You can’t control someone else’s actions, especially a man’s. The main thing you can do is be attractive and irrisistible enough so that he doesn’t have a choice but to ask you out. Which means dressing to impress (at least yourself), smiling, and being confident. Be yourself, have a good time, talk about things that interest you and try to have a repoire. If you’re too nervous for that, or even to talk to him, there’s no way you’ll stand a chance on an actual date, let alone a relationship with this guy. Also, he’s not the son of God. Calm it down and stop building him up in your mind.

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Ask a Bitch!

Published November 3, 2012 by bossymoksie

Where I answer your questions about love, dating, and hairy situations (questions in bold):

**I am interrupting this weekly program for a moment to announce that this week I am posting a few questions from Kui Gee. He has been a regular commenter asking for advice. One of his questions were featured in a previous Ask A Bitch! post and he also comments on  Reema Chronicles blog.

Now he has a new situation that he asked in the comments section of this post of mine.

I am posting these to see if any of you ladies or gents have something to add for this chap who is trying to get it right. If you want to help, please put your opinion in the comments section! His questions are in bold.

girls playing games

hey i have question for u- the thing is i have been this girl, we could hook up and do romance but sex no and also when it cmes to feelings both of us we didn-t want to be clear.hwever the girl was push
ing me to reveal my feelings while she was unclear and i did not.she started flaking and i told her to go to hell with her bitch behaviour,i jus showed tht i didn,t care then one we started to talk we started
having fun,drinking and we had sex ,drunken Sex and tht was our first the thing after sex she is acting distant,cold and the thing is not lyc am simping its jus tht wen i met her am being social hwever she behaves otherwise so wats up with this behaviour presenting lyc am e one who wants her.and after we fucked she told me she was on her period does this have any effect on her current behaviour or jus being shit? sory for gramatical errors am a bit tipsy

Kui Gee! This better not be the same girl you asked about a few weeks ago! The same girl Reema and I told you to forget. If it is, you are a glutton for punishment. And if it’s not, you seem to have a pattern with girls.
Either way, she wants you to simp and tell your feelings and have you chase her because SHE WANTS TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT HERSELF. That’s why she wants to act like you are pursuing her and went after her.
She doesn’t trust you or feel comfortable enough to be open how she really feels. It doesn’t matter why or if it’s your fault or hers. What matters is that she doesn’t. But she wants your attention, that’s why she came after you when you sent her away. And then (finally) had sex with you. She’s pulling away afterwards hoping you will chase after her and start simping so she can have you under her thumb and feel good about herself. She also probably doesn’t feel good that she pulled such a desperate move on you.
The bottom line is she is playing games and you don’t need that shit. Step away from the moody, confused girl. Or accept this behavior won’t stop.

Nah its not the same girl.i appreciate ur advice. another thing is am at a university and am that guy who get easily noticed coz i dress fly.everybody looks up to me and my friends so girl knw that if they get into my circle they get sme status ie  why most of them wana play games to get me chasing ,trying to keep me around so that  they wil brag to their friends,feel gud but coz of game and some tips that am getting from you i never chase.

Then you know you got something to offer. You should chase. Men should do the chasing, but make sure you are chasing someone who’s worth it. Meaning someone who’s not playing games. As Reema likes to say, you should have 100%  I would check out some of his back posts, do a search on his blog on cooperation and see what comes up, cuz I agree with him. You are worth more than mind games due to insecurity. Once a girl sees that (by your actions) if she really wants you and isn’t completely full of shit, she will stop playing games. Trust me, I would know. I only bullshit bullshitters because I know I can get away with it.

ok chasing never  works,even whengirls got insecurities they interpret it that u are not achallenge and it killsattraction.another is like chasingmakes u likeothers and desperate butmixing it up give attention hold itback .smone whois worthy is hard to come by cozgirls are alwaysplaying the gameso to win it i have to play it too.

I said chasing, not ‘simping’ or acting desperate.
And this explains your female drama. The only girls that chase guys are insecure, desperate, and needy for attention. So you have these girls that are interested in you, and want your attention and are willing to chase you for it. But then when you try to get closer they play games. Why? Because they probably feel that they are giving you too much, and you are not giving them want they want (to be chased and feel desired). So it’s a push pull- get your attention, and then not feel good that they are doing the chasing. That’s why the new one wants to make it seem like you are the one doing the chasing- her ego. And now that she’s slept with you she has to pull back to save ‘face’ even if it’s for her own ego.
You should initiate and then wait for her to reciprocrate. Honestly, one person shouldn’t be doing most of the work, whether you are courting or in a full on relationship.
It’s okay to let a girl know how you feel. It’s not okay when she takes advantage of it.

Girls play games because they want something but are told they can’t go after it directly. Not only that, they put themselves in more vulnerable positions. So they play games to protect themsleves and their egos.
Men play games too to protect themselves and their egos.

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And don’t forget to add any of YOUR opinions as to what this guy should do to land a non game-playing girl!