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Date with the Money Guy…Funny Guy FINALE

Published January 31, 2013 by bossymoksie

After the restaurant he decided to take me back to the bar where we met. It all went downhill from the moment we arrived. He apparently didn’t forget to cancel these reservations. He had reserved a private table, that was tucked in a dark corner and was barely lit with a string of those white Christmas lights. I didn’t even know that this existed at the bar.  It was very romantic and would have been great…if it weren’t on a first date that was already disappointing.

It was at this moment that I realized the horror of all horrors; he was expecting me to put out first, without showing me any real money, and he might never. Hell. No. Um, I need to see some good money upfront before I open my legs like any smart hooker. Doesn’t he realize that this goes down when I say it does? I say who and I say when. Yeah, like “Pretty Woman.”

I told myself,’ be pleasant, set boundaries and no one will get hurt maybe he will get the message to spend a litttle more money thought on the next date.’

He wanted me to sit closer.

No thank you.

He wanted to cuddle.

Um, seriously?


I swatted his hand away and he got defensive. He said it was just hair and not a big deal. It’s a big deal if I say it is. He tried-and failed- to make it seem like I was over reacting. Then he said he just thought my hair was nice and wondered what it would feel like to pull it.


He changed the subject while I wondered what it would feel like to punch him in the temple.

At some point, I was sitting on my feet and he reached down to MASSAGE one of them. I stood up and said, “This date is over.”

“What? Why are you so touchy?”

“Because I don’t want to be groped in the back of the bar, especially when I told you specifically on the phone that nothing was going down tonight. I don’t have to go through all this bullshit to fuck someone. This whole date is bullshit! If you are so hard up for sex, just go hire a prostitute with all that money you have!”

He tried to make jokes on the way back to his house, but all he got was a cold, cold shoulder. He called and texted me the next few days after. I knew I was going to have to actually talk to him to get him to stop. So I called him.

“When am I gonna see you again?” he asked, in good spirits.

“We’re gonna have to put this on hold for now…or forever.” I replied. We hung up the phone soon after.

love shopping

A dream deferred.

I’m slightly sad that it didn’t work out as I’d imagined. But hey, you win some, you lose some. And one of my girlfriends consoled me by saying that at least I am hot, with cute feet and hair. So there’s that.


Date with the Money Guy…Funny Guy Part 1

Published January 30, 2013 by bossymoksie

I meet him at his place, on the outside, and he drove us in his car.

He looks cute and the vibe I felt at the meet is still there, minus the booze. We talk, we laugh. He pulls into McDonald’s and then turns to me and says,

“This is where we’re eating.”


I’m not lovin it.

Really? After talking about how you like spending money on your girlfriends, you now want to see how much of a goldigger I am?

Before I could tell him that I don’t eat that shit except for their icecream, he laughs and says, “Just kidding!” and drives out. He then explains that since we weren’t going on our 6 hour date, he hadn’t made new plans and had cancelled the reservations at the fancy restaurant. All I heard was “blah, blah, blah, excuses, excuses I don’t give a shit about our date anymore since I doubt you’ll be putting out.”

“What are you in the mood to eat?” He asks. Fine, fish tacos. I’ve really wanted some in a while, and since I didn’t get a chance to get some in L.A., and I live in a place where they’re hard to find, that’s what I really really wanted.

He suggested a restaurant I had never heard before and we went. I was not impressed, it was a local version of Applebee’s or TGIF’s. There were fish tacos on the menu, but they were out of fish (?!), so I had to settle for chicken. Fail. At this point I’m debating whether or not to put him in the friend zone, because the talking is still pretty good. He also made the mistake of asking if he could touch my hair. And you know how I feel about that.

At this point I’m pretty disappointed and becoming more and more uninterested in continuing anything with this guy. BUT, he still could have turned the date around, some way, some how, and left me with a somewhat better feeling about him and dating him in general. Despite him having pulled a bait and switch on me.

That’s the thing, women go back and forth on a dude. One minute, we’re kinda all in, and the next we’re wondering why we’re in the same room with you. But even if you make a mistake, we’re willing if you’re cute or rich enough to let you make it up to us. See how generous and patient we are?

Sadly, that is not what happened, he ended up with a piece of my mind instead of a piece of ass that night, which we all know men enjoy.

To be continued…

Published January 28, 2013 by bossymoksie

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Friend Flirt

Here we go with another blog post from a Love Guru! This one is from Ms. Bossy Moksie.
As usual, this is a great post and it’s something that I’ve preached to people a million times- hopefully if you didn’t get it before, you’ll get it now.
Why Confidence is SOOOOOO Important
As you know, I think pretty highly of myself.
It’s not so that I can brag about myself and my life all the time.
It’s not to insist that you think that I am amazing and awesome as I think I am.
In truth, I like to think highly of myself because it’s FUN!
It’s really a great feeling to put yourself first and stand up for yourself and make sure that you are squeezing every bit of joy and laughter out of whichever situations you may be in. You also can expect and demand the good…

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Ask a Bitch!

Published January 27, 2013 by bossymoksie

Where I answer your questions about love, dating and tricky relationship situations (questions in bold):

I was on a second date with a girl I like. We went to have coffee because we didn’t want to go home and we sat outside. She was shivering so I offered her my jacket. She said no at first but eventually accepted my jacket. She asked me to hold her purse while she put it on and I told her no. She was surprised and asked if I was into machismo. I’m not I just think holding a girl’s purse is emasculating. She’s not my wife or anything. We talked about it (because she was so upset about it) and she admitted that she was more upset that I told her no more than anything. I helped her put my jacket on while she held her own purse. Was I being rude or was I standing up for my manhood?

man holds purse

I feel pretty?

A  little of both.  I guess we all have our boundaries that need to be set early on in a relationship no matter how petty. It’s good that you stuck to what’s comfortable for you. But this was more of a logistical favor rather than putting your balls in a blender. Now, if she had asked you to hold her purse while walking two feet behind her and her friends as they shopped, then that would be another story. In the end, if you landed a third date with her, then it doesn’t matter, does it?

If you want my bitchy advice, please ask away in the comments section or email me at I will answer in a future blog post.

If you don’t want my bitchy advice, you might get it anyway.

The Date Buildup and Expectations

Published January 26, 2013 by bossymoksie

So the day was set for my date with the Money Guy Funny Guy and we were texting everyday and talking on the phone every other day.

Can I say that I was already a little exhausted from that much contact? But hey, it was good convo with a possible great and lucrative future so I took it. A few nights before our date, the conversation turned sexual because, of course. He opens by asking me if I like sex which is a pretty dumb question because, who doesn’t?. He then asks me what things I like to do. Very smooth. I answered sexily, “Ooh. You know what I really, really, really like? It drives me so crazy.”

Then I dropped the sexy and said, “I like dates. Lots and lots of dates.” Which made him laugh.

He then informs me that he had planned a 6 hour extravaganza for our first date. WTF? That’s a long time. And a girl has shit to do like get her hair done, nails, waxing, bragging to friends, writing about you in her blog, etc. It took some threatening prying, but I got him to reveal to me this super secret, day long date he had planned out in case it was something really cool or fun. It was an early dinner at this exclusive, reservations-only rooftop restaraunt, followed by drinks at the swanky hotel bar where we met, dessert at one of his favorite places, then back at his place for a movie and a foot massage for me. (Though I suspect he had some other things he wanted rubbed.) I told him he would get two hours and I would not be setting foot in his house. He was naturally disappointed and almost pleaded with me to spend the six hours with him. It’s not the end of the world, dude. I have to see how this date goes before I decide I want to spend SIX FUCKING HOURS straight with you. He was really stressed.

So a note to the ladies. Guys always let you know what they expect, whether they mean to or not. They are really simple. So far, he has told me what he thinks his value and strength is in a relationship: $$$$. (Even though in my opinion, his humor is probably worth a lot more. But apparently that’s not what he thinks and I’m gonna go with what he thinks.) Now he is telling me what he expects my value of this relationship to be. And that is underneath him. In so many words he’s basically saying I’ll give you money, let’s fuck. He is willing to pimp himself out. So I know what to expect. And it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to sleep with him. I am semi-physically attracted to him. And he could build more attraction during our date.

I know that when it comes to dating, sex is going to come up. That’s fine. But with this guy, the main two themes of our conversations was the money he has and likes to spend, and sex. I know what this guy is about and what he is looking for.  This is all he wants and thinks he needs in a relationship with a woman and I can faux respect that. But all this messaging and talking has shown me that he needs a lot of attention which could be a dealbreaker.

Being that I am a woman, and like to complicate things, I will ignore any feelings of red flags, hope that this will work to my advantage, and that it will magically turn into something I could work with and shop with later.

I mean, he is the one who is hooked on all this and wants to spend SIX HOURS together.

To be continued…

The Money Guy…I Mean the Funny Guy

Published January 25, 2013 by bossymoksie

So I was out the other night with the ladies. It was a really luxuriant and swanky place. Meaning $$$ for drinks and food with a good view of the surrounding buildings.

And we ran into some guys. Because they are everywhere. We wanted attention and we got it. I met a guy, who was kinda little, meaning skinny, and  I usually don’t like super skinny guys because they make me feel fat. But he was really funny. We had rapport. We had jokes. We had banter. We were buzzed. It seemed as though we had a few things in common. It was a great meet. And it didn’t hurt that our drinks were supplied by him and his friends. I didn’t even remember his name, but I remembered that it was a good time. And that I gave him my number. He and his friends eventually had to leave for a bachelor party, and they invited my friends and I but we declined. The bachelor party  was a pool party and not a stripper party, but did that mean we were gonna be the ‘entertainment’ in our bikinis in the pool? No thank you, I’m not that hard up for attention.

The next night, he calls me. He wants to hang out that same night! No thank you, I already have plans, but even if I didn’t, I still wouldn’t have went. I mean, I just saw you the night before. But I’m now glad that I got your name cleared up in my head. So we set something up for the following weekend. In the meantime, we talked on the phone and texted each other, where the conversation was still fun and a good time. He made sure to bring up his houses in Florida and Texas, and how he blinged out his former longterm girlfriend. I’m sure he said some other things about himself and past relationships but this is all I heard:

bag of money


kim k shoes

Shiiiiiiiiny…me wanty.

shiny diamond ring

A girl always misses a few new best friends…

Hmm...It's always a good time to update your wardrobe.

Hmm…It’s always a good time to update your wardrobe.

Note to men: He has told me, in so many words, that this is what he thinks he has of value to offer a woman. And I am not one to argue when it serves my purpose.

He is actually planning on going to his place in Florida soon since the weather is cold here and wants to take me. Sounds like a promising future to me!

But something tells me I’m gonna have to work for it (you always do!) It can’t really be this easy…

To be continued…

Another Day, Another Award

Published January 23, 2013 by bossymoksie
Um, of course!

Um, of course!



So, I got a few awards (nomination=win) from a few fans and wanted to give them a shout out.

It wasn’t too long ago when I was a newbie blogger and was so excited to get awards and then brag about them then thank the blogger who bestowed the award on me. Now that the high is gone and I know that it’s basically a chain letter that caters to my ego I’ve been blogging for a bit and realize it’s a lot of work to accept, I tend to not get that warm and fuzzy feeling as much.

I won’t be following the rules on these, I mean I did get that BadAss award which means I do whatever I want anyway. It’s kinda been noticed and rewarded so it’s no surprise. I will however collect my little trophies and run.

Sounds very upstanding and literary...

Sounds very upstanding and literary…

And I do LOVE to brag and that’s why this acceptance post exists. Lemme share with you who nominated me for an award:

Phoebe’s Misadventures

Chronicles her dating thoughts and experiences, sometimes enjoying her freedom and sometimes wanting to be loved up (aren’t you all?)


Jokes and musings and drunk-logic advice. Good times.

Blame It On Disney

Chasing the fairy tale while still living in reality.

Thanks ladies for putting up with all my awesomeness.