It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp!

Published August 31, 2012 by bossymoksie


Really it’s not. But some of you seem to think so!

Now, some of you are saying it’s easy for me to do and say all these things, and I know. Because I’m awesome. But anyone can be awesome. Awesomeness does not discriminate, it is not an exclusive club. It is very slutty and easy to get, like a cold or herpes. Before you can act like a diva, you have to be a diva first.
How does this happen? Enjoy yourself. That’s it! It’s so easy. Put yourself first and enjoy yourself. If you like handgliding, handglide. If you like knitting sweaters, then knit away fabulous grannie! If you like blogging, blog. It’s that easy. A) It’s attractive B) it’s a great distraction when crappy things happen in life, as they do C) It’s easier to walk away from a dude who makes you feel crappier than all the good time vibes you give yourself without him.

Now the hard part for some of you. If you don’t like something, say it. SPEAK UP. No, you don’t want that threesome. No you didn’t think you were seeing other people! No, you don’t feel like watching football with his friends EVERY SUNDAY! No, you don’t like action movies with any Hemsworth brother. No, you don’t want to do his laundry. Ever. Just be honest. He’ll live. You’ll live. A hole won’t open up in the ground and swallow you up! And if he’s cool with you, then the relationship will survive!!! It will be all good. He will pretty much know where you stand and act accordingly. Sometimes it means leaving you. Yes, he may not like what you have to offer. But it’s better to know sooner than later, so you can strut off and find someone who can hang with all your awesomeness. I don’t save my bitchy behavior for later. You will get it up front! You know the terms up front. You are free to go away!!!!! Someone else will bite.

Because really that’s all you bring to the table. YOU. It’s the only thing you can offer someone that NO ONE ELSE CAN. You got that market covered. So deliver. And let someone be your biggest, true fan.

Sticking up for yourself means being alone sometimes, but never forgetting that you are loved, even if it’s only by you. Otherwise you are just a doormat, letting dudes get over so that you can say you have a dude. A dude who will disappoint you and make you hurt, bitter, and more fucked up for future relationships.

Relationships are all about ME, because in life, you are only in a relationship with yourself. So how are you gonna lift yourself up? How are you gonna let yourself down?? You gonna chase that dude who’s ignoring you? Or are you going to treat yourself with some flowers/shopping/pedicure/favorite concert? Are you gonna be with the guy who treats you great and tries to meet your needs, or are you trying to date that dude who’s just around but gives you next to nothing that you need?

The choice is yours.


8 comments on “It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp!

  • Great post. Too many people act too damn agreeable and doormat-like in order to have a relationship. For me the only relationship I really want at the end of the day is one where I am not feeling like I am compromising self. And I throw my bitchiness out there asap too!

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