All About Me

ombre hair

I’d rather make a commitment to my new hairstyle….until I get sick of it.

I am what I am and I want what I want. I’m not gonna sugar coat it for you to like me, because you’ll like me anyway. I like to give advice, tell others what to do, and get my way. Who doesn’t? I like being complimented,  I like a good fruity drink and I like running my mouth. So please comment! Mostly I like looking good and feeling good. Again, who doesn’t? Above all, I love jokes, joking around and laughing. Who wouldn’t?! I’m only in charge all the time because I am usually right. I am just calling it how I see it and calling the shots like a boss. And I hate the word ‘nice‘. To me, the real success in life is when everyone does what you want you are true to yourself.

*Names changed/hidden to protect the guilty.

You can learn more about me in this interview I did with a hilarious blogger here: Friday’s Featured Blogger- BossyMoksie

You can sometimes find me and my bitchy awesomeness here:

Bossy Moksie Tumblr

or here:

Bossy Moksie Twitter


I may or may not reply, depending on mood.


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