Why the Internet Casanova Was Successful

Published April 22, 2013 by bossymoksie

Have you heard about this story?


Professional mooch, Ray Holycross, would meet women on Plentyofish.com and eventually rip them off.

He would ‘charm’ them, then come up with some sob story of how he lost everything (he was mugged was the most poplular story he gave) and next thing they knew, he was living in their house/apartment and they were paying all the bills and more. Then he would disappear and they would discover he stole some shit and some learned he was cheating on them the whole time.

I have some serious questions I need to address here:

How does a residence get mugged?

How does a job get mugged?

Okay maybe there were other lame stories he told them (that they aren’t sharing on the news) that got him in their houses and wallets. I want to know what theses stories are!

Seriously! I wanna know what he said so I can say that shit too.  I need to know how this conversation went down!

Because it would NEVER EVER EVER end with  me saying ‘Here, use my car, house, and my money darling.’

If you have two hands and two feet and a brain, you can handle yo business. You are a grown ass man. Hell, I know men who don’t even have all that who can still pay for their own shit.

So why was he successful?

They said he was charming, attractive, they were fooled, he was smart, they really believed him, he was their knight in shining armour, their prince charming, they felt loved.

what you talkin about willis

Cut the bullshit.

Okay first of all, one of the requirements for a knight in shining armour/prince charming is that he has a big fat wallet. Or at least his own wallet. So stop kidding yourselves. Let’s get real for a minute.

This guy is a grade A douche. We all agree. But let’s break this down, because we know what he really took advantage of is your fear of never finding someone to love you or share your life with. Yeah its sad and shit and not a pleasant feeling, but you just made your life sadder by hooking up with this fool.

Because when women get desperate and afraid, they will twist reality into something they really want. That’s not how “The Secret” works ladies! That’s called being delusional and, sometimes, a sucker. You were lonely and desperate and wanted something you didn’t have fast. Even for a price. Literally.

One woman said she just wanted to believe that someone loved her so much. This is what I meant about women just making shit up, even though it’s not the reality, due to their own doubts or personal question marks. Another woman even admits that she learned to listen to her gut in the future, because obviously her gut was telling her that something was wrong with this one. But she wanted to pretend feel like she was in lurve so she continuted on with the charade until he was done with her…and her money.

This desperate delusion was how he got to move in and get access to their credit cards/bank accounts. When women activate this state, they will sometimes act like the guy is someone who has their back and is a real partner early on in the relationship, even though the guy hasn’t proven that to them. Because she wants to be part of a couple so badly, she is willing to play the role and hope that the guy does the same in return.

No honey, men don’t work that way, they take and enjoy and keep it moving. Especially in the beginning. They chalk it up to their ‘game’ and general awesomeness as to why you are giving them everything with the kitchen sink. You know when men think that you are solid as a couple? When they feel like it. When you are actually a real couple. Do you know when men think you are a team that is there for each other? When you’ve actually been through some shit and have BOTH been there for each other. This doesn’t happen in a couple of days.

If you meet a bitch online, date him for two months or less (in some cases he was moved in after a few days), you do not offer him access to EVERYTHING just because you want to pretend that you two are already the best couple ever. Calm that shit down.

Let him earn that. MEN LIKE IT! Please remember this. And don’t let your fear of being alone and superpowers of lying to yourself  let you forget it in the future.

One woman, who supported him for a over a year, gave up her house for him and her underage daughter had to move in with the father. Wow. Just wow. That’s the power of deluding yourself. Ladies, you deserve the real thing.


35 comments on “Why the Internet Casanova Was Successful

  • Hallelujah! Though I can imagine a thousand women reading this and getting angry at you for saying they were as much to blame.

    Yes he took advantage of desperate women. In fact, he probably sought out women with low self esteem (their profiles are actually pretty easy to identify) and made a bee-line for them. However, I do get sick of the “woman = victim” mentality. It absolves the entire gender of any responsibility for their actions and patronises all of those with the common sense to have seen through him straight away. These women were stupid to fall for it. Red flags should have been going up all over the place and if they were they should have paying attention to them.

    • It’s not useful when the news focuses on the criminal and the ‘sensation’ of it all. Why not share how and why these women were vulnerable to help others who may come across this experience in the future? They should have pointed out the red flags (that they ‘noticed’ later) too.

  • Apart from the stealing shit from the girl’s apartments, this dude is a hero lol! Just saying!

    Once again, this all goes back to women’s gullibility which is easily manipulated once you understand women.

  • He’s a human version of a gypsy boojo scam or a Nigerian 419 letter. I’m guessing the basic technque is lots of approaches and don’t have too believable a story so that the less gullible and vulnerable will filter themselves out so that you’re left wtih the dimmest chickens just ripe for plucking.

    Crucially these kinds of scame depend on the pigeon doing the work of convincing themselves that they’re not being taken advantage of. Again, those who can’t/don’t/won’t perform thosemental gymnastics remove themselves which makes things easier for the scammer.

    This is why the whole PC jihad againt stereotypes is such a crime agains humanity as is the constant mutual affirmation of online bobblehead ‘feminist’ sites. I bet every woman he conned had been indoctrinated into not judging by appearances and not questioning her emotional whims or anyone around them with better people judging instincts.

    In a previous age the women he conned would have had chaperones or other cynical people who would have sniffed him out and chased him off in a second.

    • Definitely a scam artist.

      The news story didn’t mention whether people around them warned them and by ‘appearances’ he seemed like a regular guy. Wonder why…they just wanted to focus on making this guy seem so great at being deceptive, when I really think these women were wearing a desperate colored glasses.

      And I’m sure in those previous ages, there were scam artists who found a way around those chaperones and cynics. Tale as old as time.

      • Of course who looks like a regular guy, thieves cannot generally afford to look like thieves. By appearances I mean a guy who pleads desperation after getting ‘mugged’. I would not be surprised if he radiates dishonesty in person. Again for his particular scam he needs to seem dishonest to scare off all but the dimmest most trusting lambs.

        And yeah, a few wastrels could get past the ramparts of chaperones but the wastrels have a much easier time of it now. And a lack of prejudice is partly to blame. A single woman with a 10 year old son who lets an adult man in her house within a few days of meeting him? And no one is calling out that extreme lack of good sense or judgement?

        The mind reels…..

  • You can’t avoid the game. This is a prime example. People are always being targeted. Just like women target simps and tricks to take advantage of. Men do the same thing. They use gigolo game and target desperate women. When you really break this down, it’s not even good gigolo game. I watched the video and none of those women are fly. It’s not hard to lie and be a scam artist. I can’t call him a hero for that.

    How much money did he get from them? Was he just leaving rent free?

  • The guy is not hero, but cannot really blame him.

    Typical gold digging game, same as girl who chooses guy for his money and life style he provides while she is selling him how special he is and how much in love she is with him, but once money runs out and he cannot provide financial comfort she just leaves him.

    Same situation with girl and their orbiters beta males who drive them to places, to take them out, to buy drinks for her and her gf’s, and pretty much just being used by.

    Flip the situation, and this guy does same thing, somebody figured out the matrix 🙂

    • It’s not exactly the same when you are stealing stuff out of the house! Golddiggers want your money but don’t usually steal it, and the good ones don’t have to. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be hating on him (not that I really am now). And also, he wouldn’t be in jail for stealing.

  • I can’t be upset with this guy and nor should these women be. They wore a badge on there chest that said “Hi there! I am desperate, lonely, gullable, and willing to do what ever it takes to have someone hold me and keep my bed warm”.

    The crazy part is that most of these chics are probably still running around blaming this dude when they should be trying to fix what was broken in them to allow such behavior to occur. I find it hard to believe that he was all about them and truly brought all he could to please them geniunely.

    Ladies, do me a favor and hold the mirror up and look at your reflection. That is who you should be pissed with after the BS goes down since you stood by cultivated and nurtured it.

  • I don’t know if he’s real and I don’t really care. I think he’s doing God’s work in the world.

    I don’t have a good count of the number of women to whom I labored to demonstrate and attempt to prove the quality of my character, but the number is exactly equal to the number that decided another man’s smarmy sales pitch sounded more exciting and attractive. I know mercy is better, but I do so love justice. *heheheh*

    *BWAHAHAHAHA!* *hehe* Rock on, dude.

    Anyway, it all comes down to this notion of “chemistry”. Personally, I don’t permit any on the first date, because I’m not looking for an 8 year old who won’t grow up. I’ve been looking for an adult woman. I haven’t found one yet, but I’m only 56.

    Women of my generation liked to say that females matured earlier than males. Yeah, that was true for women of the prior century for whom the only thing riskier than childbirth was abortion. Back when even sanctified sex and the common cold could kill you, women got serious a lot younger.

    These days, they don’t have to, and that extends to every nook and cranny, every fold and orifice of their lives. Their entire lives are child-proofed. Oops, sorry about that reference to all the women over 35 having a hard time getting pregnant. I’m not too sorry though, because there are great advances in the medical arts to address the the issue so even grandmothers never have to grow up.

    And then this guy comes along. He does “chemistry”. Hell, he does alchemy. I can almost hear the Jackson 5, ~0~ … and they called it puppy loooooove … ~0~ and see the girls all swoon.

    The only sad thing about this blog post is that I worry that you, Bossy, will never know love as I have known love: a quiet, low, deep, permanent and abiding feeling so powerful that it sweeps away every cruel thing said in anger, and every careless, even crippling, hurt … as DUST. That ain’t “chemistry”, little one.

    I hope you know it one day, after you’ve grown up.

    • What an..um…interesting comment.
      My post had nothing to do with love.
      I do agree with you on one thing, this guy definitely knew how to create ‘chemistry’, and knew which women would be blinded and desperate for it.

      • I know that your post had nothing to do with love, but did you really want me to wish a guy you had “chemistry” with for you?

        I’m just fed up with 45 year old juvenile women.

  • BM, you that delectable most enigmatic swish … from a lingerie designer’s most noble wish … if this advice backfires, then your next pet is gonna be a Baboon Spider … it my be a bit hungry when you open the box though … so remember to keep a few cockroaches in hand …

  • … wait a minute … I’m gonna send the ole’ dongle-belle the Baboon Spider !!!

    BM, I could never have happened on this brilliant idea without you.

    You’re a real darling.

  • A con artist is first and foremost an artist.
    I know a guy who I can be 100% sure what he is telling is a lie. but when he is telling it, I will doubt myself. Other people I know have told me the same thing about him.
    I know it sounds like bullshit. I just cant explain it

  • FYI, I did not meet the Internet Casanova on any online dating site. We met through some mutual friends that I had known since grade school. We were not hooked up and were not dating. I had met him several times and hung out with him quite a bit. Yes, the news reported that we were dating. Yes we did go out a couple times as a couple but there was not a real connection. We had more of a friendship relationship. I knew he was on online dating, like I said, it didn’t bother me since I didn’t feel like he was my type and we had more of a friendship and felt more like family relationship. With that being said I need thought he was talking or seeing up to 70 women. Also, you are absolutely right, the news did not put a lot of the details out there about my case in particular. I could sit down and talk for days about my story. I have so many more details and information but the detectives and prosecutor said there was nothing more I could do. The legal system works in favor of criminals. They have more rights protecting them than the innocent victims. I didn’t have any rights when my stuff was stolen, I was threatened, I found a loaded hand gun in my sons back pack. He is a sociopath. Criticize me all you want. I intentionally lived in fear and risked my life trying to set this low life up to help and protect not only myself but other women and children so they didn’t have to suffer and go through the hell me and my son did. Ask me if I am ashamed. NO! Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY! I wouldnt think twice to continue I sweet talk him and text him and try to lure him back to my place after police told me I was just another victim and forget about it and he more than likely wasn’t coming bak and if he did don’t have any contact with him. Call the police and let them handle it. Yeah right! He has been wanted since 2004. Obviously the police couldn’t get him. I text him and told him I got my tax check, he text me back and asked me to pick him up at the airport that Sunday, he was taking the train back into town. I agreed. I KNEW he had that loaded handgun on him! God only knows what he would have done if I didn’t play it cool like nothing was wrong. Because I know the details of the threats he once told me he wanted to follow through with to me! I couldn’t think of only myself, I needed to stop this son of a bitch! So yes, I picked him up that Sunday, and yes he had his loaded stolen 9mm glock, and yes he made it obvious he had it. I took him back to my place and set his ass up. When he went to the bathroom I moved the bag he had the gun in so he couldnt get to it or find it easily when the cops came. I placed it in the other room and then I went to the bathroom and called 911. That’s when all hell broke loose and I will be forever defending MY side of the story. My name will forever be linked with the Internet Casanova, Ray Paris and his numerous other alias names. As far as his other victims, I don’t know all the specifics and details of their stories. Nobody knows mine either. That is why I will continue to try and share my story and hope that it brings awareness to others and people are more cautious about people they meet and people they think they can trust. What people don’t understand is to what extreme and detail he went through to cover his tracks and make up lies. In my case, he had proof of these so called lies and stories he was telling me, and everyone else.

    • My post was based on the news story that I linked to. (Which made it seem like he was selling a romantic pipe dream to ladies). It wouldn’t surprise me if that wasn’t the full story. Anyway, if you’re the woman that got him locked up, you definitely have balls and determination!

      • Yes, he did win the hearts of many women. I do not know all the details of each of their stories. I will say that he is a VERY intelligent person! He was alway quick to answer questions when in a conversation, never hesitant or changed his story to think he was making up a story or feeding you lies. He had a picture of the two of us on the phone he was using and he told all of the women he was meeting and talking to that the picture was of him and his sister who he lives with because his sister was bipolar and he helped raise his nephew, if he didn’t then his nephew would be taken away. This was a good cover up to other women locally if they saw him out with me they wouldn’t question who the other women was he was with. He had all of his bases covered.

  • I have to totally agree with you even though it does seem harsh. One woman invited him to stay with her,on their First date,she also had a little boy. I was in the same situation about 15 years ago. He “borrowed” a 1000 dollars from me,stole money and items,lied and 2+3 timed me. Everyone that knew him,even his own brother warned me about him. I convinced myself I loved him and wanted to be in a relationship. He started asking me if I had made a will -he loved my house-scarey!!!!!Be careful ladies.

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