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And then 2015 ended…

Published January 19, 2016 by bossymoksie

Hello my peeps and fellow bloggers!

I apologize for dropping in on the anniversary of my blog, saying I’ll be back,  and then disappearing again like a one night stand.

I kept meaning to come back and write for you but I had some serious writer’s block. And, you know, life happened #sorrynotsorry. Time flies when you’re  half drunk having fun. 

I enjoy ranting and raving like a lunatic and that’s what this blog has been about for me mostly; ranting and raving and having a grand ole’ time.

The reason why I’ve stopped writing is because I was getting bored with doing only that. I know, how could that happen, right?  It was so amazingly fun for all of us!

But I didn’t want to rant and rave,  at least not ALL the time, anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting the last word. I love words. I love making a point and then strutting away in a huff, or slamming a door, or dropping a mic, or making something go BOOM.

mind explosion

How’s that for an exclamation point!


But I recently learned the best way to deal with crazies, assholes, bullshit artists, anything or anyone annoying etc. (Generally anyone who is full of shit and trying to get you to swallow it.) And here it is:


walk away from crazies


I know, so anti-climactic. Almost like it never happened, or that they don’t exist. Which is kind of the point.

So easy. Less dramatic and less of a display of how brilliant I am but on the plus side, saves a lot of time and heartache and eliminates negativity. Which means more time for FUN, doing awesome things, being awesome, and being around awesome people. 

That said, I’ve been struggling with what I want this blog to be about. So I’m gonna open it up. I’m just gonna roll with day to day stuff and share my ranty silly, funny thoughts on shit.

Don’t worry, there will still be talks of men. Because they are so entertaining, aren’t they? And I can’t resist a good rant once and awhile. But I will also be counting the ways I love me my life, and sharing my wisdom on how to enjoy your life and be awesome like me. Especially when shit is hitting the fan.

how i met your mother, barney

Oh but I’ve missed you wordpress! And my readers. You get out of a habit of posting and then the motivation is just gone.

And now I’m back!

Changes are on the way!

Welcome to 2016 bloggers!



i love fans

Thanks for visiting! Love ya!