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Happy Anniversary- what?

Published March 28, 2016 by bossymoksie

Hello all  5 of my readers!

I got a notification that it’s my anniversary here on today!

family man, forgotten anniversary


I was totally not prepared and had- gasp!- forgotten.

chrissy teigen


This is my 4th year! Or 5th. One of those. (As you all know, I am not big on long term commitments.)

As with any long term relationship, I am trying to breathe new life and keep things fresh up in here so I can stay interested and stick around.

Here’s what’s happening. I’m looking into purchasing a domain off of and blogging on my own website. If anyone has any inside info or tips on buying a domain with, or elsewhere, please share!

Or I may move it on over to Instagram and just have a picture blog.

I will keep you posted either way!

Until then, here are some flowers.

pretty flowers roses

Be distracted by the pretty, pretty flowers…to forget I’ve abandoned you. So pretty!