McDreamy Mug Shot, WTF Ladies?

Published June 23, 2014 by bossymoksie



Just, no. Stop.

mcdreamy mugshot

More like McNightmare than McDreamy….

Calm it the fuck down. Step away from the mug shot and ‘Like” button. Get off your ass, and go meet some available, real life guy that doesn’t have a rap sheet of carrying weapons illegally and using them on people.

You are embarrassing yourselves right now.

I hate, HATE!, to say this but I am so Team Guys-Who-Complain-About-Women right now.



21 comments on “McDreamy Mug Shot, WTF Ladies?

  • Well said, Bossymoskie. I’m no prude by any stretch, and I’m sure there are a lot of really hot people in prison. But for those who are still looking for their Mr. or Mrs. Right, there’s no need to include a felony conviction on the list of attributes. Already in a relationship and want a bad boy or girl in the bedroom who likes handcuffs? There’s no need to wait for them to be on parole.

  • Never heard of him, though naturally I am on the wrong side of the Atlantic to understand what this is about.

    I am bitterly disappointed. I’ve always been one to challenge the sort of guys who whine about how women prefer the bad boy but ladies… you really are not doing yourselves any favours here.

  • I never will understand what these girls see in these guys that are in jail and prison. I have seen so many who write all these high profile prisoners and want to marry them, send them money buy them things and everything else. I think they have just as many issues as the person in prison just different kinds. Scary

  • I really have no problem with women saying this guy is attractive and his picture going viral. It’s just a picture and I’m not getting that deep over some anonymous facebook comments. We’ve all seen women with attractive mugshots saying yeah I would hit it. You’re not going to the jail to break him out or anything. I do notice that the same guys complaining about women are the same guys who leave comments for all the instagram booty models. Again, to me it’s not that serious. Just dudes with fake outrage.

    • Because you are comfortable with yourself and your game! It’s not just the viral picture. Some of my friends were gushing about this guy and I was so, so annoyed. Hence this post.

    • The ladies definitely aren’t paying attention to the substance here, which is fine. But they can’t really take this guy seriously as a dating candidate, those are the thoughts that need to go!

  • I don’t mess with these kind of guys anymore. Messing with them means putting up with their BS and putting up with them gets old really fast. I don’t want to have a future with a dude who would rather have a future behind bars than have a future with me. I still get hit on by these kind of guys from time to time and I would just tell them that I don’t mess with their kind anymore and just completely ignore them.

  • I was young and naïve at the time, lol. Lesson learned though. No matter how attractive a man is to me but if he’s got a long rap sheet of run-ins with the law, then I’ll pass. I don’t got time for someone like that.

  • Loooooooooooooool omg I thought exactly the same thing when people were going mental about this dude, like ok get a grip. There are plenty of cute guys in the world without having to accept a fucking felon as your future! geeeez ladies

  • … which means my darling BM, that right about now you’re grabbing ahold of your beloved AK-47, and a war manual written by Ché Guevara …

    Save it for your next post – you’re way overdue.

    And move your ass, … oh I’m sorry … then move your badinkadinks … oh ? … then move your ‘dairy air’ … now now BM … hang on … hang on BM … I’ve got it !!!!

    Move your proletarian polemenical artful worker’s paradise portals !!!!


    Rambunctulicious meritorious uproarious little globules ?


    What about gay-men’s-regrets ?

    Thank you.

    Now move your ass.

    … and if you don’t, then in my next little post I will go into glorious detail about how I am going to make you howl … with a feather … and peppermints.

      • So what you’re saying is…you miss me.

        Buy me a beer and I’ll tell ya … uhm … no … it’ll have to be two beers … the extra one being for the liquid fortification of my fragile masculine ego, whom you demolished by deleting my poem ;-(

        It’s not over yet.
        I’ll be back, in some way, shape, or form!

        … which means you’ve discovered how nice Twinkies taste. Oh, that I may see that big bouncy befuddling badinkadinks of yours …

        God bless you 🙂

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