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Turnt Up for 2014

Published January 2, 2014 by bossymoksie

Make room 2014, make room!

happy new year

Happy New Years!

My New Years Resolution?

To do absolutely nothing whatever I want. Fuck it.

I should be able to stick to this one!


The Date Buildup and Expectations

Published January 26, 2013 by bossymoksie

So the day was set for my date with the Money Guy Funny Guy and we were texting everyday and talking on the phone every other day.

Can I say that I was already a little exhausted from that much contact? But hey, it was good convo with a possible great and lucrative future so I took it. A few nights before our date, the conversation turned sexual because, of course. He opens by asking me if I like sex which is a pretty dumb question because, who doesn’t?. He then asks me what things I like to do. Very smooth. I answered sexily, “Ooh. You know what I really, really, really like? It drives me so crazy.”

Then I dropped the sexy and said, “I like dates. Lots and lots of dates.” Which made him laugh.

He then informs me that he had planned a 6 hour extravaganza for our first date. WTF? That’s a long time. And a girl has shit to do like get her hair done, nails, waxing, bragging to friends, writing about you in her blog, etc. It took some threatening prying, but I got him to reveal to me this super secret, day long date he had planned out in case it was something really cool or fun. It was an early dinner at this exclusive, reservations-only rooftop restaraunt, followed by drinks at the swanky hotel bar where we met, dessert at one of his favorite places, then back at his place for a movie and a foot massage for me. (Though I suspect he had some other things he wanted rubbed.) I told him he would get two hours and I would not be setting foot in his house. He was naturally disappointed and almost pleaded with me to spend the six hours with him. It’s not the end of the world, dude. I have to see how this date goes before I decide I want to spend SIX FUCKING HOURS straight with you. He was really stressed.

So a note to the ladies. Guys always let you know what they expect, whether they mean to or not. They are really simple. So far, he has told me what he thinks his value and strength is in a relationship: $$$$. (Even though in my opinion, his humor is probably worth a lot more. But apparently that’s not what he thinks and I’m gonna go with what he thinks.) Now he is telling me what he expects my value of this relationship to be. And that is underneath him. In so many words he’s basically saying I’ll give you money, let’s fuck. He is willing to pimp himself out. So I know what to expect. And it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to sleep with him. I am semi-physically attracted to him. And he could build more attraction during our date.

I know that when it comes to dating, sex is going to come up. That’s fine. But with this guy, the main two themes of our conversations was the money he has and likes to spend, and sex. I know what this guy is about and what he is looking for.  This is all he wants and thinks he needs in a relationship with a woman and I can faux respect that. But all this messaging and talking has shown me that he needs a lot of attention which could be a dealbreaker.

Being that I am a woman, and like to complicate things, I will ignore any feelings of red flags, hope that this will work to my advantage, and that it will magically turn into something I could work with and shop with later.

I mean, he is the one who is hooked on all this and wants to spend SIX HOURS together.

To be continued…

A Girl’s Take on Negging

Published January 12, 2013 by bossymoksie

As requested by SocialKenny and egointhesea, I am writing about negging from my POV.

Okay, didn’t mean to start the new year with all this negging, but hey, shit happens.

Let’s start with the definition, again, that I gleaned from the extensive research I did. ( Which was reading this article, and Social Kenny’s PUA Acronyms post and…that’s all).

Negging is a sly remark made to a woman to lower her social value in the dating scene, and raise yours. At least in her eyes so you will seem more attractive. It can range from teasing to back-handed insults, depending on who’s using it and how they use it.

It may come as no surpise from the PUA community that women HATE this strategy. The idea of it anyway.

Because we (as in me and the PUA community) know there’s something to it, and that it’s worked for some guys (I’ve seen it in action) and that’s why it is a staple. Nevermind that.

The idea that one group of people would find a way to ‘put down’ another to make them see themselves as less so that you can get something from them is offensive. That’s how women see this tactic. Just like when one race does it to another, or rich people do it to poor people, or straight hair bitches do it to curly haired bitches. But it happens and it works on certain people.

And that’s why women hate this theory.

Personally, if it’s an insult, like here and here, it is a turnoff and I take it as a sign of insecurity. Who has time for that except for a good laugh? I can take teasing and give some of it back. Again, I don’t like the idea of this strategy, but I understand it’s function.

Let’s do some real talk for a minute.

I am fucking awesome. I know this. And I know you know this. That’s why you are in my face, trying to hold my attention. So when a guy tries to point out something he sees as ‘wrong’ or ‘not valuable’, I know he is just being creative. It’s like trying to tell me the sky isn’t blue. I know better. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want like something you see.

If taken too far, I know you are lying because you are insecure in the light of my awesomeness. And if this is how you deal with just talking to me, how are you gonna deal down the road, when we’re both more attached to each other, and something you don’t like inevitably happens? Are you gonna throw me under the bus? Hell naw to that! If anyone’s throwing anyone under the bus it’s me throwing you.

The bottom line for me  and the rest of the human race is that I want to feel good and have a good time. Why be this gorgeous and amazing if I don’t get to feel that way?! If I’m not feeling that way because of YOU, then guess who gets taken out of the equation?


Published June 28, 2012 by bossymoksie

Male scavengers, just trying to see what they can get.

So I had to let Mr. Okay go. We went to lunch the other day and it was the looooongest lunch of my life. When I looked at my cell phone for the time, I saw that only an HOUR had gone by???!!!!! He’s much more fun when I’m drunkon night dates.

After a break up there’s at least one guy who wants to help me get over the previous dude in my time of vulnerability need. Sometimes it’s nice to know someone will always be around to give you attention. Sometimes I get fuckin annoyed that you are at my window with your cupped hands, hoping for a breast to fall in your face a hand out.

Scavengers are the guys who are tryin to get the leftovers. Like vultures in a desert hovering over a half dead, vulnerable prey who’s about to spread their legs die off so that they can swoop in for the kill. These are the guys to avoid when it comes to relationships. They’re the opportunists who spot a weakness and try to get what they want from it, no matter what, even if it means kickin you when you’re down. The result? Usually that they make you feel worse, not better. And I am a HUGE fan of feeling better, good, best, and great. Dudes, don’t be that way. I’d rather be with a dude that loves my strengths, not loves taking advantage of a weak moment.

Unless it’s a rebound.


Why We Went Out With You

Weekend Getaway

The Unicorn

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Leave Me the Hell Alone!

I Could’ve Had a Castle, and Worn a Ring!

Published June 26, 2012 by bossymoksie

Marraige. Love optional.

So, the marraige proposals. Let’s go down memory lane one by one, shall we?

The first one was right before graduating high school. He was very cute and convinced that we would never see each other again. That’s why he cornered me after school and suggested we get married. I had no clue what he was talking about, but he turned out to be right, we never did see each other again after graduation. He was cool, but we actually never did date. I was friends with his smart younger brother who always listened to my problems and did my homework for me. We were like besties. Anyway, the cute brother was my fake boyfriend once so I could get this other guy off my back. We were in fake relationship bliss when he publicly dumped me by taking some girl to a club we snuck into that we all hung out at. I was at home painting my nails sparkly gold when a text blast blew up my phone of people siting my fake boyfriend with his real date. How dare he? Turns out, the guy I was avoiding had challenged him to a duel or some ish by the basketball courts and instead of fighting for my honor, he hooked up with another chick for a real relationship. Looking back, I think the marriage wouldn’t have worked out anyway because when the going gets tough, he ran into another bitch’s arms.

(Fake) breaking up is hard to do.

Number two. I pretty well off dude. Accounting. Okay looking. And boring as fuck. I dated him and we had some good times. He said I made him feel alive. Of course I did, he was a walking piece of cardboard. He had to move for his job and decided to propose to me so I would go with him. But the thought of spending the rest of my life with him and his money made me want to jump out a window due to boredom. I declined.

Avoided marraige to cardboard.

Three. Went to Vegas with a few girls. That’s where I met…I don’t really remember his name. Tom, let’s say. Tom and I hit it off instantly. We got each other’s humor. We read each other’s minds. We were both really wasted. Naturally, I wanted to have a Britney moment and he was on the same page. Everything made sense under drunk logic and was awesome. (Drunk logic always seems more logical and you wonder why you didn’t think of these things or agree with them when you’re sober.) Dude didn’t have the money to have the quickie wedding of our dreams and I think it was a sign from God. I mean if he can’t pay for the wedding, he can’t pay for the annulment. Or the divorce and my alimony payments. Vegas weddings for shits and giggles are never wise.

Brit Brit moment.

Last but not least. A financier. Wall street type. Tall and handsome. Took me wherever I wanted to go. Let me do most of the talking. Jack pot yes? Not when the proposal is accompanied with ‘you don’t wanna die alone, wrinkly with 20 cats do you?’ Why did he have to go there? To my worst fear of being ugly old and surrounded by pets that I’m allergic to? That was just mean. Just because I look good on your arm and like your money doesn’t mean that I don’t have feelings and fears too! Is that how he’s gonna play it? And these threats will haunt me all throughout the marriage. Wash the dishes or else you’ll die alone. Clean the house or I’ll adopt a cat. Get me my coffee because no one else will date your wrinkly ass now. No, no, hell no. If anyone’s gonna be doing the manipulating/insulting it’s me!

Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos!

I firmly believe the execution and effort put into the proposal influences how things will go down the marriage, and I have no regrets. My proposal should involve fireworks, a horse-drawn carriage, a big ring, undying compliments and devotion, candle light, a rainbow, violins coming from seemingly nowhere, rose petals, and an audience. Then and only then, will I know he is the one. I’m still young and have plenty of time to break more hearts to find my king!

Those aren’t fake angels, those are REAL PEOPLE dangling from the ceiling! Now that’s an impressive effort.

What Women Really Want to Put in Their Dating Profiles

Published June 21, 2012 by bossymoksie

This is hilarious. Especially the guys’ responses. I love how guys are game for anything!

The Mercy Fuck

My self-summary
I am irritated by most people, suffer from chronic major depressive disorder with anxious features and love animals more than I do people.

What I’m doing with my life
Right now I am working like a slave and not at all happy about it. I would like to lounge around in bed all day eating designer cupcakes and planning my next plastic surgery. I’m hoping that you will be able to support me so that I can leave my crappy job and do just that.

I’m really good at
Eating, being sour and “killing eighth grade dreams” (or so my students tell me).

The first things people usually notice about me
That I am agitated and have no patience.

My favorite books, movies, music, and food
Who cares.

The six things I could never do without
Who cares.

I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I…

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I’m It! Again!

Published June 20, 2012 by bossymoksie

Shit. I’ve been tagged again by TheMercyFuck (awesome blog with an awesome title). Thank you!

But I was serious in my previous post about tagging other blogs. I’m gonna be like a lion in the jungle, creepin on an antelope. Like the Terminator after you exploded the building I was in, like a stealth jet invading an oil rich country, like a stalker waiting around the corner,  like a child molester waiting at the school playground…you get the picture. When you least expect it and think you’re safe and sound,  YOU WILL BE THE ONE THAT IS IT!

Watching…and waiting.

Now for the part I never get tired  of doing. Answering questions about me!

1. Do you have any weird quirks? If so, what are they?
Bad, impulsive, involuntary Jim Carry impersonations?
2. Why did you start a blog?
 Couldn’t bitch to Cali friends so I went online!
3. What do you think of plural marriage–as in the Fundamentalist Mormon variety?
Men being greedy.
4.  What do you think Mid-Western values are?
5. Do you Yelp?
Only if I have to.
6. What do you think is the best online dating site?
Any social media site, but only if you must.
7. What’s your best quality?
All of them.
8. Why did it take over a month to arrest George Zimmerman?
Because the media decides where justice is served and who should be arrested, not the cops. Duh.
9. Why do Americans like the Kennedy family so much?
Photogenic. Plus Marilyn Monroe was associated with them.  And who doesn’t love all things Marilyn?

Oh that Marilyn!

10. Who do you think will win the presidency in 2012 in the US?
Stephen Colbert.
11. Are you part of the 99%, the 1% or the part of the population that doesn’t believe there is an ever growing gap between the rich and the poor in this country?
I’m part of the 99% marrying blogging her way into the 1 %.