Because They Can

Published May 3, 2014 by bossymoksie

I have a friend that’s doing the whole online dating thing. She was supposed to go out on a date with this guy on the weekend. Two nights before the date, he texts her late at night and asks if she would like to come over. She calls him out on the bootie call invitation, he plays innocent. Then she cancels their date, he gets mad and insults her (something about that’s why he doesn’t date black chicks, which black chicks LOVE to hear), she has a comeback for him, then a racially charged insult-fest ensues.

After texting all her friends a snapshot of the text exchange so we could all have a nice laugh , she lamented why guys still did the text bootie call thing.

Because they can.

Okay. I have to talk about this bootie call thing. Unlike my dear friend, I am not shocked that men fish for this. Guys do it because it works. Some girls will say no. But then there are others who will go for it. Guys are about results. They do what works and then they beat it to death until it doesn’t work anymore. Asking girls to come over late at night works. It just does. Is this the guys fault? Hell no. If no girl ever fell for that BS, guys would stop doing it.

True story.

It’s just logic.

I can’t even be that mad at dudes anymore. In fact I’m annoyed with the girls MORE. Because some lonely, bored desperate chick keeps saying yes telling men everywhere that this is all he needs to do to get laid. Guys do it because they can. And that charmer I mentioned above will likely have some girl up in his house at some point by doing the exact thing he did to my friend. Which was just ask in a text.

Just remember ladies, whenever a guy does something stupid to get into your pants to date you, it’s most likely because some stupid chick let him in the past. It’s our fault. Or he’s a clueless jerk. But 9 times out of 10, it’s the former.


16 comments on “Because They Can

  • She might consider that it had something to do with her. I know for me the only time I would accelerate the relationship and skip the normal steps was when I lost the desire for having a normal relationship with the woman. With some women it’s well worth the time it takes to get to the good stuff. With others it’s not worth getting bored to death or listening to stupidly for half the night. If this happens frequently to her she may truly only be good for one thing.

  • I don’t think this works as to why guys do it. Guys do it (booty-call text) because they know no better but it doesn’t work generally. This stuff only works with a girl whom you’re already screwing. Guys seem to always miss the point that before sleeping with a girl, you’re walking on thin ice and any little mistake and the girl will look for a reason to write the guy off. This was exactly the case with this guy in your post. He didn’t realize that he cannot do such a thing before sleeping with the girl.

    • It does work better with girls you’ve already slept with. But I’ve seen this work with girls who hadn’t been on a date with a guy yet. But like I said, the girl is usually very bored with herself, or very desperate and lonely.
      This either works for this guy, or like the previous commenter said, he didn’t care whether it would or not because he didn’t want anything more from my friend, or he may have just been clueless. Either way, there are girls who will say yes.

  • . Guys do it because it works. Some girls will say no. But then there are others who will go for it.

    Moksie, I love you! You’re not into that “sticking together in the name of the sisterhood” bullshit.

    As with most things, it is about that balance between risk and potential reward. Sure, some men do it because they don’t know better (as socialkenny said) but for most they do it because it has already worked for them: the risk of being kicked into touch is worth it against the potential reward

    If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t do it – it must work often enough to take the risk as often as they do!

  • This type of game definitely works. This was the pick them up, bang them, drop them off game. I would use this on girls who were 18-22. I don’t look at women like this as being desperate. All women go through that party stage.

    I think he’s just spamming women to hook up with. Just playing the numbers game. If he was smarter, he would just tailor his game. You have to know which women to use certain types of game on. A big part of the game is putting your ego to the side.

    • That 18-22 party stage qualifies as bored and lonely. Most girls acting wild is to avoid deep boredom and loneliness. They feel like they have to do the most to have fun and blow off steam.
      I agree about the guy. I think he was just trying to see what he could get and in this case, it backfired. Like I said, someone else will bite.

  • Gawd. Men just continue to piss me off..
    … and blog got breached! Ex date found out cause i accidentally sent him the link! New spot is

  • I’ve seen and known plenty of women who’ll drop anything or their plans just for a booty call. If had made others plans already, I’m sticking to them. My way of stopping with the booty calls is to ignore any texts or calls from him after midnight, this way’ll he’ll get the hint that his bs isn’t going work on me and that he needs to call or text at a more appropriate time because I’m using this time for my beauty sleep. Thanks to the more advanced technology today, I can silence booty calls by setting my phone to do not disturb everyday between the hours of 10pm-7am.

      • Right. Unless it’s a serious relationship. If were not dating and he just sends a pointless “What’s up? Wanna hang out?” text after dark, and texts back no point in responding, I’ll just sleep away. I’m pretty good at ignoring people and I can ignore them for as long as I can, whether it be days, weeks, months or years.

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