Opening it Up

Published January 30, 2014 by bossymoksie

Some of you male bloggers have guessed, based on my few videos, that I actually don’t walk around with bitchface or attitude 24/7. You’re right. I’d rather be joking around or starting drama. It’s only when I don’t get my way something happens that I think is bullshit that the ‘tude and rants happen.

As I mentioned before, I like to read dating blogs and ranting blogs.

My focus has been on dating with this blog but I will be opening it up to other subjects.

Aren’t some of you sick of me complaining about men dating with my stellar advice? I know I’m not. But I have so many other things to WTF about.

I will still rant about dating but other subjects will be thrown in the mix. Stay tuned…


8 comments on “Opening it Up

  • … ha … if you manage to do this, I solemnly promise to swim butt naked across the Apies River in the middle of winter, with the morning traffic to inspire me, the police to fire at me, with me doused in globules of agricultural muck, its conveyer pursuing me … calling me schmuck.

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