Bossy and Lovin It

Published December 22, 2013 by bossymoksie

Have you seen this commercial?

There’s lots of discussion on Youtube,Twitter and other online forums about feminism, political correctness and blah blah blah.

Actually some of the comments are interesting. Like one guy asking when the ‘male version’ would come out. I’d really like to see it. Seriously, no joke.

Anyway, I love it for now. I connect with this commercial on a personal level. I have been called ALL of these names in a negative context, by both men AND women. And even by a few of my haters on this blog.

And I’ve never cared.

One of those names is used as the title for my blog! I enjoy my life, for better or worse. I am who I am and I love it. You don’t like it, you know where the door is, and you can let it hit you on your ass on your way out.

Until next year! I hope everyone has a great holiday! I know I will.


10 comments on “Bossy and Lovin It

  • I think the message behind this is absolutely true. Sure, I’m a man, but I recognize this mentality in the business world. Sadly, as a younger man, I even participated in perpetuating it to a small degree. Mostly when I was trying to justify to myself why a woman wouldn’t go out with me… Still, it’s sad and it’s wrong. This commercial beautifully states an ugly truth.

    • I think that’s why it doesn’t bother me too much (when I get called those names). I think it’s fun to dress up and be pretty, it’s fun to show off and brag sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want, sticking to it, and having your own back. I don’t see anything wrong with having those traits so it’s just irritating when people try to make you feel bad about it and it’s usually because I’m somehow in their way of getting something they wanted. Not just at work, but in relationships!

      • That’s very true. Men who dress up and look nice are “are their way to the top.” Women who do the same are “using their sexuality to get somewhere.” Often, taking pride in your appearance goes hand-in-hand with being a motivated person. Why there’s a distinction between men and women when it comes to this, and why some men are intimidated by it, I’ll never really understand. But I appreciate women who do — my wife, most of all.

  • I connect with this commercial on a personal level. I have been called ALL of these names in a negative context, by both men AND women. And even by a few of my haters on this blog.

    Eh ? Then why does the woman in this advertisement remind me of you ?

  • The funny thing is that many of those put-downs on women are created or perpetuated by… other women, as much if not more than men. For instance I’ve never heard a guy call a girl who is dressed up looking good a “show off.”

    What we have today is areas in society where women have a structural advantage, and other areas where men do. It’s not as if one gender or the other has an advantage everywhere. There are “pockets of privilege” so to speak (contrary to what the radical feminists and manosphere guys want you to think).

    • I did mention that both men and women have said these things. But some guys have called me a show-off or vain! (mainly in the internet world though, not in person). I agree with your ‘pockets of privilege’. I don’t think men have the advantage on everything either.

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