Pretty Girls and Power, It’s Your Fault

Published October 18, 2013 by bossymoksie

It always amuses me when men get so upset at my arrogance bragging. Especially guys online. It inspires me to do it MORE actually. I like being difficult and you just showed me how. Women usually laugh or roll their eyes, but hardly ever seem offended or have strong reactions like men do.

To be honest, I would brag about something, anything, no matter what I looked like. I think it’s funny and fun. I like to have a good time. And it’s interesting to me when men get so upset at this. But enough about me. For now.

Why is that?

Because I actually turned out to be pretty, some men can’t tolerate me flaunting that I know that in their faces every annoying chance I get. I am also flaunting that I know that’s why their ass is even paying attention to me the first place. Apparently it’s bad form to mock mention that. Call it a test, call it a bitch, call it whatever you want. But I get to see how you really are when I do that.

If you’re insecure about yourself, you’ll be mad and lash out. Try to get some of your power back. If you could give a fuck, you will not even care what I said and either not give me the time of day, or try to see if there’s something else behind this amazing visual feast before your eyes.

What a minute? How did I end up with this power in the first place?

You gave it to me.

A lot of men, when they see someone they are attracted to, feel at a disadvantage already. They get mad when rejected or when a pretty girl doesn’t act in a way they think she should so he can connect with her more, or at least get her into bed.  You’re the ones that put high stakes on your encounters with pretty women, and the potential of losing your personal power. That’s on you.

Yes, a pretty girl does have a lot of choices, and yes, it’s her decision whether or not you are one of them. But you gave her that power. You’re the ones who put a certain type of girl on a pedastool; as a goal, an achievement, a validation. It’s a social construct you all agreed on with other men and act on accordingly. It’s only a state of mind, a belief. One that you don’t have to subscribe to. It’s all in your head!

Of course every guy wants to be with a woman they are attracted to. But EVERY attractive woman isn’t a great find or fit for you. So you shouldn’t feel bad or scared when you see just ANY attractive woman. It’s a catch 22. You want something someone badly, you get too nervous and tongue tied, she thinks you’re an alien dropped of the mother ship who doesn’t know basic human social interaction, and it’s endgame. Or you minimize her in your head, she either gets mad and disappears or you achieve your conquest and realize it was all an empty pipe dream and the crazy, nervousness you initially felt was all for nothing.

This doesn’t mean putting her down, objectifying her, villainizing her, and whatever other creative ways you guys like to regain your power. It just means taking a shot of reality- She’s great to look at. Period.

What you should be asking yourself is if there’s something else beyond that, and more importantly, is there something there you can really connect to or value and vice versa. Like my  game twin, Reema says, what else does she bring to the table?

All I did was walk into the room, ready to share my awesomeness with the room, and you’re thinking attack strategies. Calm it the fuck down. Don’t hate. Appreciate. Or better yet, find some validation that isn’t dependent on how hot girls respond to you.

I didn’t make the rules. I didn’t plant that idea about pretty girls having all the cards in your head. It was already there. I just like fucking with it.


32 comments on “Pretty Girls and Power, It’s Your Fault

  • Hmm.. Boasting in itself is a horrible trait. Being secure with yourself is more attractive. Some men have trouble approaching all women, not just your definition of a hot chick. An I agree but disagree with we gave you the power thing. Not all men are blessed with a well of confidence when it comes to the opposite sex. I was never that guy who could approach a woman at well because I don’t like rejection and that is generally what you get. See its like spiders we are driven to mate but the risk is great. Women won’t physically eat you, but the rejection can do the same damage mentally. So one must become numb to it, or find ways to validate themselves. Men don’t have men that constantly tell them they look amazing or have women randomly smiling to remind them they look good. So a woman’s power comes from the support and the way society is structured, well western society. An having the power to choose is enough validation in itself.. once again something the average man doesn’t have.. In short give men a break because society has obviously stacked the odds in your favor.

    • Thanks for your input MasterMike!
      But my point is to say that the build up in your head isn’t necessary. You don’t have to stress yourself and put so much pressure on yourself. It’s just a girl, and you’ll meet another. Just because you think she’s attractive, it doesn’t mean you have to act like she’s better than you or the only girl you’ll meet in your life ever.
      Good point about men not having friends who constantly tell them that they look good, lol. They also do not have that same emotional support that women do. But I do think society stacks certain odds in women’s favor and other odds in men’s favor.

      • Yea I definitely understand what you are saying. That is called approach anxiety fueled by the fear of rejection. I know because I suffer from it at times. Generally has nothing to do with the women its the fear of rejection. Really hurts my confidence. And I really don’t know anything in western society dating thats stacked in a mans favor. Lol even most condoms are for her pleasure….

      • What’s stacked in men’s favor? The fact that their risk of being stuck with a child for 18+ years is less than the girl, plus our bodies and health is more at risk after the guy gets the girl. In my opinion, that’s a bigger risk and much scarier scenario then just ‘approach anxiety’ and lack of confidence. So women should be more discerning. BTW that’s something you could and should work on (your confidence), not only to get women but to feel good about yourself in general. I think learning how to deal with women is also what separates the men from the boys.

  • the truth is that i like when pretty women let me know that they know they’re pretty but when they start boasting etc that’s a turn off. every man does not have that level of confidence and even if he does there’s always some woman that he’s unsure how to approach. while i agree with most of your post because some men encourage women to believe in that God-like status, sometimes women need to understand how it is for some men (most if we’re being honest) when it comes to approaching them. personally i’m very confident with myself and have been rejected several times but regardless of if she dismisses or listens, i still say what i have to say.

    • Reading men’s blogs on pick up has really enlightened me on the guy’s POV, so I am aware. I think the ‘boasting’ is a security test for me actually. because if I do it once or twice, and the guy stays confident, or has a good head on his shoulders, he’ll react differently from an insecure guy. I don’t want to be with a guy who’s too insecure or nervous because what would I do with him? If a guy can’t even hold a conversation with me, there’s nothing I can do for him. And I don’t want to deal with his insecurities and how he may deal with them down the road either. Not saying that no man can have moments of insecurity, but in general, he has to be secure with himself or else it won’t work with me.

  • Wow!!! I give you much respect on this post!!! Luv it. I totally agree. And it fits right in with my encounter today with Mr Sexual Attraction. Hmmm…

  • Let me add…I do have to say Im all about Confidence but Arrogance is not my style…but hey again society/men has created this type of trait in a lot of women….

    • Yes, girls learn early to get their power an confidence from this. But it’s not as strong and empowering as they think it is. I don’t get most of my confidence from my looks actually. I might do a post on that later.

      • Oh I understood your post completely. Confidence must come way deeper than the outter surface. You have to know your worth as cliche as that may sound but its so true. Once you know you bring so much more to the table…you cant help but be confident in all you do rather its relationships or business

  • You gave it to me.

    Bingo. I know you won’t be offended by me saying that you are not my type. That’s fine, because I’m pretty certain that I’m not your type either. And I am totally cool with that. My ego is not so fragile (despite my history of self-esteem issues) that I have to feel wanted by most women. I know what I like and I pursue that.

    That’s in a nutshell what we should be doing (men and women). Identify what is attractive to us, understand why those things are attractive, and go after that. You’ve known from reading my blog that I like educated women who are thoughtful, intelligent, funny and a little quirky. That is what I am attracted to regardless of what she looks like and regardless of whether my friends would be impressed at her supposed “hotness”. I’m not looking for arm candy. Too many of my fellow males do. Looks fade – somebody whose personality is an unsuitable match for you will always be unsuitable.

    I wonder though whether for some it is a case of thinking they could “tame” you? What do you think?

    But then women do it too – tall, dark and handsome appear to be too often the only criteria a woman looks for. It doesn’t matter whether he’s a decent human being, has a good job or is well-liked – he must be over 6′ before anything else in order to impress her friends. So while I agree with you, I must insist that it is not peculiar to men.

    Cheers Moxie, keep going. I think you’re cool 🙂

      • Your personality. You obviously have quite a strong will and you like to party and have strong opinions about men in your life. I’m wondering if they think they could “overpower” you psychologically and turn you into a “nice girl” from their perspective.

        Some guys try to do it – change a girl to be what he wants her to be rather than accepting her for what she is. Does that make sense?

      • Oh yeah. Yes! I do get that a lot, or I at least feel that way. Problem is that I like ‘the chase’ (being chased) a lot as well, so it’s something I have to look out for.

      • Now I need to know what you’re definition of the chase is Reema.
        I have dated guys who’ve chased me. I’m not talking about stalkers, or needy guys who contact you six times a day. I’m more talking about the guy who initiates.

      • Okay initiating I can mess with. Chasing I can’t. When I hear chasing I think doing unnecessary things to get a woman’s attention. Gifts, calls, poems, likes on social media haha. I’ve initiated contact with most of the women I’ve dating.

  • Thanks! I was going to add that women do it too, but I took the line out. I agree, you should be looking for what YOU think is attractive, not what you were told is attractive in general. It’s more rewarding. I have dated a few guys that weren’t so hot in the looks department and my friends would joke his looks, make passive aggressive remarks to make him seem more unattractive. But if he was funny or I liked hanging out with the guy then I don’t care. Looks gets boring to me after about 5 minutes. Maybe 20, lol.

  • I have no problem with women boasting. That’s pretty much standard right now. With the rise of thirsty dudes, any girl can put a pic online and have “let’s fuck” comment in minutes. You have to separate yourself from the pack. Women get approached all the time with the same weak game. When you approach women with confidence and back that up with good conversation, the rest is history. She will definitely be interested in seeing more of you.

    A lot of guys do put unnecessary extras on themselves when they deal with women. That inner simp is always waiting at the chance to jump out. Personally, approaching attractive women and getting dates was never hard for me. It went bad fast when I would either get too drunk or I would just get scared to close the deal. I would literally You read some of my simp stories. Me and my friends have a joke that I have the world record for most girls ready to sleep with me and I would do something to mess that up.

    P.S. Fellow blogger? Don’t you mean game twin

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