Yeah We Want It

Published September 19, 2013 by bossymoksie

Your attention that is.

As a follow up to the book review I did last week, I just wanted to let you guys know that we WANT you to approach us.

Why do you think we spend 3 hours getting dressed, doing our hair and make-up, hours at the mall shopping for the most flattering best outfits, making sure we squeeze in gym time so we can squeeze into our new tight, cute clothes?

It’s not for our health!

We want your attention. We want some guy to come over and dazzle us and buy a drink or two for us and our friends, and most of us would settle just for a guy to come over and say hi.

So you guys shouldn’t be so scared of us ladies! We want a story to tell our co-workers or friends that didn’t come out with us, and that story has to involve YOU whether you fucked up or swept us away.

It’s you guys that make the night or day, more interesting and exciting, even for a few fleeting moment before we figure out that your broke, a player, or boring.

But most of all we are hoping to fall for someone or their bullshit long enough to have a good time that night to distract us from not being madly in love, or even connect with a guy we think is cool and have a good time, platonic or not.

Also, we always feel great when we get more male attention than our friends. TRUTH. 

Attention is an ego boost, and its something we ladies ADORE.

So, step on up. We want you to!


18 comments on “Yeah We Want It

    • Oops, your comment got filtered for some reason. I guess it’s been a while!
      But yeah, from the guys’ end, you should do that. Because there are girls that won’t be attracted to you but will hog up your attention for as long as they can just cuz.

  • Darwinian evolution is about weighing up the risk. Do you go down to the water to drink or do you keep away in case there’s a crocodile just beneath the surface? When guys don’t approach you, half the time he thinks he already knows what your answer will be – so it isn’t worth the risk.

    What he might do though is going for your slightly less attractive friend – he feels he has a better chance of a successful outcome. So dressing up to make yourself the hottest of your friends can sometimes be counter-productive to your ability to attract guys!

    • I know some guys do that, and that’s from the guys’ POV. BUT from experience, from the girls POV, the most attractive girl usually gets approached more in one night or day than others. Or guys will address the whole group and see who bites, hoping it will be the hot one.

  • You want attention??? I imagine the only people who would read these comments are people who already read this blog, but if not, check this chick out: She is a supreme hottie! But, let me tell you, she ain’t just hot because she’s fierce and lip-lickin’.
    You’re the only person I come back to when I return to WordPress. I’ve been gone for a while, but every once in a while, I check in. And, I always find myself comin’ back to you. Not because you’re smokin’. But, because you showed an interest and compassion in my plight. You were always there to comment on my insane points of view, and for that I am enamored with you.
    I know you have no problems with dudes, but you made this dude very happy when we conversed on a regular basis. I tried to play it cool, but it was always an honor to have you take an interest in me.
    I hope you enjoyed the attention I paid to you, if not then, then now…

    • Aww Thank you! So sweet! You are making my head big and making me blush at the same time! lol
      Yeah, you played it cool and yes, I always enjoy attention. So thanks for the kind words and, the shout out, and the attention! 🙂

  • It’s about a conversation topic, dammit. How does a good conversation with a woman go ? You make all the noise in the beginning until she starts taking over.

    And then you start making grunts and theatrical expressions, and when she starts getting particularly excited, you either mess up her hair, or give her a sniper-hug (BM, consider this ; should ask me what a sniper-hug is, I am going to tell you exactly what it is, and unashamedly so … in explicit detail … still curious ?) , or slap her butt with your hat, yes your hat, no hands at all – I mean it … it’s a lot of fun as well … usually they’ll “misbehave” to get hat-butted yet again.

    But to start that conversation, that is the question – the men that gets blown out gets there by :

    a) Droning on about themselves.

    b) Getting too sexual too soon.

    c) Ranting about their ex-girlfriends.

    So how does one get a conversation going ?

    She’ll signal that it’s OK to approach. Essentially.

    Yes yes yes, I know you should rehearse some openers and try them out, but this here is advice for all them lazy guys like me.

    (yes yes yes BM … I know you’re very upset right now … now now BM … shhhhhh … start thinking happy thoughts … that means thinking of all them beautiful butterflies buzzing in a garden … with no miniature missiles attached to them … and no microchips on their befuddled little heads … nor you steering them towards me with a radio control unit with a big red button for the missiles … what ??? … the button’s actually pink you say ? … with a dainty little fairies stenciled on it ? … really BM … I shall await them butterflies with one of your most expensive hair-sprays and a Zippo lighter … don’t worry luv … yes yes luv … but my world famous multipurpose home brewed carbolic soap, which I left in appreciation, will have a similar effect on your hair as the hairspray I borrowed … I promise … well, first you’ve gotta grate it with a stainless steel grater – very important- and sprinkle the stuff on your hair, and don’t worry, I’ll make you another improved batch, if your hair turns yellow … sometimes I add too much sulphur … that’s not how friends talk to one another you know … I’m gonna tell your family … shhhhhhhh …)

    Now where was I ? Oh yes, you look for them signals that it’s ok to approach the gal. She’ll be hovering near you, sometimes her back will be turned to you, or she will make a point of walking by you … a number of times in fact.

    The other night I went to a bar, walked up the steps and there was this beautiful blonde in a red dress standing at the door. I looked at her. She caught me looking at her. I held eye contact – my face expressionless … and just as I walked past her, I smiled …

    A little while later, as I sat at the bar, I saw the blonde sitting next to me, only one empty chair between us – her back facing to me. She was talking to nobody.

    Now I should have made a move, but then there was this biker chick with D-cup bosoms, who came and sat next to me, told me her whole life story, and ultimately, stood up, and then bent over for me, so that I could get a better look at the tattoos above her buttocks … just a pity her husband was at the bar as well.

    Le sigh.

    (… still here BM ? And you’re rarin to give me a go aren’t you ? Very well.

    This is your moment.

    This is your time – to put your people back to work and open doors of opportunity for your kids, (sorry luv, I’m plagiarizing a wonderful speech … it’s coz he uses your hair-spray too … ok ok ok … it’s coz I’m lazy) [insert whatever cause, chocolate, soap opera, lingerie, frying pan, or instant coffee you drink]; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace (you can do it, and if you can’t … don’t); to reclaim the American dream just think of a Canadian nightmare and reaffirm that fundamental truth (this is very philosophical stuff, coming now; please ignore) – that out of many, you are one;you read further, didn’t you ? that while you breathe, you hope, and where you are met with cynicism and doubt,slay them in the name of home brewed carbolic soap !!!! and those who tell you that you can’t, you will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people:

    Yes, we can. “… what ?! … is Marellus serious ????” … you’ll never know.

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