When Boys Attack: Story 5

Published September 6, 2013 by bossymoksie

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

The summer is now coming to an end and it’s time to get sober get back to business. I spent the summer mostly being lazy relaxing and contemplating the general direction and changes I need to make in my life which should always be done half sober.

Just spent Labor Day weekend partying it up. And I met a guy. Of course.

We said a few hello’s with small talk via text over the weekend.

Then Monday rolled around and he asks me for a picture so he could see my beautiful face whenever he wants.


I hate texting pics to guys. I just don’t even want to get started on that. The first time I did it, I spent 2 hours posing and getting the right picture. Don’t even mention the hair and make-up. So much work!  Plus I’m not giving random guys photos of me so they can look at me when I’m long gone and do whatever they want with them even though you can find so many of me on my blog. Especially in my previous post. Also, after the face pic comes more demands. Pics of boobs or legs or in your underwear. Fuck no. You’re gonna have to work a little harder than moving your fingers over your cellphone to see my ass naked.

Instead of showing irritation I tried to be cute.

ME: Is that a clever way of saying that you don’t remember what I look like?

PHOTO DUDE: LMAO. No I just want to see your face that’s all. I remember that priceless smile, those eyebrows, the top that kept falling off your shoulder, that Halle Berry haircut I fell for. : )

No bitches, I have not chopped off all my hair. Hell naw.

ME: This is awkward. I actually have long hair. I wore it in a braid. You called me Pocahontas. And I was wearing a tight black top which fit my shoulders. Ring any bells? KEEP YOUR GIRLS STRAIGHT! LMAO! So you don’t remember me.



15 comments on “When Boys Attack: Story 5

  • Fuck no. You’re gonna have to work a little harder than moving your fingers over your cellphone to see my ass naked.

    Does this mean, that even a picture of your ass, will get them flying bugs into a terrible frenzy to acquaint themselves with it ?

    BM, my darling, you must patent, package and market that ass of yours toot sweet, you hear me!

    I’m going to a malaria area pretty soon, and I’m getting sick and tired rubbing Eucalyptus oil on my face, to chase the mosquitoes away.

    Now get your ass moving.

    Thank you.

  • I’m the same when it comes to the perfect picture. I like sending pics and sexting also, but I just cannot send a head-shot photo where I’m not looking awesome in a sense. I have to position my head, eyes, everything the right way.

  • That’s funny

    I once went on date with girl whom I met month back in time and by the date time did not remember how she looked lol, later on when we been talking it turned out she did not remember how I looked too and was worried not to recognize me LOL

    • After giving him shit for not remembering me and trying to play it off, I admitted that I didn’t remember what he looked like either!
      Just be honest (or don’t say anything until you really have to!).

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