I Know, I Know, I’m Always It

Published July 1, 2013 by bossymoksie
tagged with new hair

Attention world! I changed my hairstyle! And oh yeah, I ‘ve been tagged. I love being the ‘it’ girl.

The burden of being so lovely and endearing is that people just want more of you. Which means more attention for me, so yay!

I have been tagged by the lovely and amazing and candid Narcissist. (I LOVE THIS BLOG NAME!)

So here we go. Rules:

Rule #1- Post the rules. Well we’re going to skip that because I will be choosing which rules I want to follow, per usual, to fit my agenda like a flimsy excuse to show off my new hairdo. If you’re dying to know what these rules are,  click here to see the post that I was tagged in.

Rule #2- Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.  Instead I will just be bombarding pics of myself throughout this post. You’re welcome. What more do you need to know anyway, besides how much I love my new hairdo and taking pictures of myself.

loving my ombre style hair

I went all Ombre Style with my hair. Loves it!

Rule#3- Answer 11 questions from the blogger who tagged you. I will follow this rule.

Narcissist questions:

If you could have any super power what would it be?

ombre hair

I’d rather make a commitment to my new hairstyle….until I get sick of it.

All of them. Of course.

Dogs or Cats?

A dog. One. Maybe; that’s kind of a big commitment.

What is the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?

Those cheesy one liners are always the worst, but I can’t remember any that have been used on me because I have blocked them from my memory. Yes, they are that traumatic.

Beer or Wine?

Wine please! Unless you have a fruity beer available but you probably won’t so I’ll take the wine.

What is one thing that makes a person undateable?

Bad hygiene and being super frugal. Yeah I listed two things. Bite me.

Bacon or Sausage?

bacon, bacon, bacon

What is the worst show on television?

Most of them. I don’t watch much television anymore, it’s that bad out there. Thanks bad television, for forcing me off the couch to get a life and going online more for my entertainment.

Challenger or Mustang?

Whichever one is shinier.

If you could be become a member of the opposite sex for one day, would you?



Just cause I could. And curiosity. And knowledge is power.

What would you do in your new body?

Pee outside, go topless ALL THE TIME and get a blowjob. I mean really, what’s the big deal with that?!

ombre hair

As a guy, I wouldn’t have to spend hours and hours on my hair. Hmmm…

Rule #5- Tag 11 people and ask them 11 new questions. Um, no. I don’t do the chasing. I do the running. Here’s another picture instead.

love ombre

I could do this all day.

If you would like a link to your blog on THIS post, let me know in the comments section below. For the first 11 people who request it, I will put a link to their blog below the following picture.

instagram ombre

I should look into an Instagram account.


60 comments on “I Know, I Know, I’m Always It

    • Thanks! It HAS been a long time. I’ve missed you too. I check your blog every once in a while, I’ll have to drop by and see what you’re up to (if you’re still writing). I hope all is well with you!

  • Wow! Goddamn, you’re sexy! Just wanted to let you know I missed you. You were one of my favorite parts of blogging. Hope you are well and everything’s great (as I assume it is!)

    • Hey stranger! Who knew my amazing hair do would bring people out of the woodwork!!!! Yes things are good over here. I hope you are also well and doing great with all the changes you wanted to make!
      And thanks!

      • UnkleHookd in da’ house! What’s goin’ on with you? Same post for a while. I know I don’t pay attention much anymore, but you have a gift to share, and you ain’t sharin’ it no more, or so it seems. I hope you are well, or at least gettin’ laid by a worthy gent. Hope all is up to par, according to your standards. Again, you were my favorite and I’d hate to see you putting it aside, when you have so much to rant about. Love ya’, Chica! Holla back!

      • Hey! I have been posting less and less…just enjoying my summer. I haven’t totally quit the blogosphere yet. If I do go out, it will be with a bang of course!!! lol
        And thank you!

  • Oh noez !!!!

    And my comment was so family friendly….

    You either have moxy when it counts or you are just a blowhard.

    We both know what you are,

    • I apologize for not replying to your previous comment sooner, but I have a real life and am not sitting around waiting for lonely, bitter guys to leave me not-so-clever comments on my blog to get my attention. I’ve responded to your comment now so you can start breathing again.

      And honey- You have no idea what I am or what you’re talking about. But you’re dying to know, aren’t you? LOL

  • I dont care for your attention and we both know what happend.

    I dont get it though.

    You are young, you are attractive, you seem to be reasonably intelligent?

    Why all the false bravado?

    Nobody you think that matters, thinks it matters,

    You are trying to impress people whose opinions you could not care less about,

    Its not so much that I have not seen the likes of you and the moxy driven path they more or less careened along driven by instinct, it is more that I have watched that for two decades now, I just wonder, does anyone like that ever stop, collaborate and listen?

    Because if Gen 1 who invented that script is any measure, that does not end well.

    See for yourself, they are all around you.

    • Great. Another lecture from a ‘well meaning’ hater. The irony never hits you guys, does it? Okay, DAD. I didn’t know it was such a crime to LOVE a new hairdo, or yourself, and sharing it wherever you go, and have fun while doing it.

      ‘You don’t get it?’ That’s exactly what I meant when I said ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about’.

      And trust me, the bravado is not false, and anyone who truly matters is okay with it. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, online or off, and again, the people who matter know and love that about me.

      So calm it down and don’t give yourself a hernia. I’ll be more than okay.

  • BM, my darling, if you don’t write a post toot sweet, then my next comment is gonna be of the type that makes you giggle like a schoolgirl … and then wear jack-boots … and a polka dot panty … and a corset with the merest hint of decorum … while quoting Shakespeare … and swishing around a big pink feather … as the police load you in a squad-car …

      • BM, my darling, why oh why, do I get the impression, that if we were alone in a room, there’d be lots of cries of :

        “STOP STOP STOP …. pleeeheeeeeseese …. Noooooooooo …. YAHHHHHHHH !!! … WHAT DID I DO ???? …. WAAAAAA !!! … I AM RUINED !!!!! ….. YES !!! YES !!! YES !!! YES !!! … NOOOOOOO !!!! ”

        … and the violated party that would shout all of these words … is me ?

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