How to Get the Gifts You Want From Your Man

Published April 29, 2013 by bossymoksie

This video was inspired by a few friends of mine that complained after Valentines Day about the gifts they received, or didn’t receive, from their guy. And just about any other time my friends were expecting gifts from guys.

I always ask, ‘What did you tell him you wanted for Valentine’s day?’

They reply in variations of, ‘I told him I didn’t think it was important, surprise me, give me what you want, or it’s not that big a deal.’


Obviously it was a big deal if you are complaining and rethinking the whole existence and basis of your relationship based on the gift you got!

Basically you LIED to him. And now are upset at him. So I created this video to save both of you the pain and suffering that is caused when dudes give you crap gifts on holidays, or nothing at all! Enjoy.


5 comments on “How to Get the Gifts You Want From Your Man

  • You’re telling the girls that they must be upfront with their guys on what they want, but, as you say, they’re not doing this. So can’t this rather be them shit-testing their men ? Testing for some kind of ‘connection’ ?

  • Bossy, you’re thinking rationally here. They’re going to take your GRRL card if you keep that up.

    BTW, all shit tests are stupid. That’s how they are shit tests and why women do them.

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