When Boys Attack: Story 3

Published April 14, 2013 by bossymoksie

Back to our regularly scheduled program before you male bitches start getting big heads.

This is a story I had written about before, in the early days of my blog as it was going down. I wanted to give the full story because it amuses me how things went down between me and this guy. You don’t have to read my previous post on this guy to watch the video.

A few things.

I’m not doing any theory in the video. If you want my thoughts on why you shouldn’t half ass ask a girl out, you should read this.

I also mention how I don’t go out of my way to help this guy in asking me out. You can read why I don’t do that shit here. Dear ladies, notice how even though I was semi-rooting for this guy to succeed, I still didn’t go out of my way to make this date happen. I am not the one to play hide-n-go-seek-a-date with a guy and I’ve already written the perfect example of why you shouldn’t.

Lastly, I introduce the concept of ‘the question mark’. I did go into detail but I edited it out because I wanted to focus on the story. I will write a post about this concept later this week.



17 comments on “When Boys Attack: Story 3

  • Very strange guy. I mean, he had you… you agreed and he still walked away without getting your number or organising SOMETHING? Even if it was “I know it’s your last day, how about we go and get some coffees when you finish and talk about this?”

    Is that hard? Not to me it isn’t.

    • It’s performance anxiety. He had his “joker” routine down pat with the women. But taking it to the next level on a date … he was starting to second-guess himself.

      What am I gonna say ? I’m almost out of jokes !!!! Oh nooooooo !!!! What if she thinks I’m not that funny ?

      Sooner or later any man, or rather, most of them, latches onto something that lets them get attention from women. They put their faith in it … until the faith is tested …

      … and such tests can cause panic in a man … and make him loose heart.

      He’ll get better though. He sees he can elicit responses from women. And sooner or later, he’s gonna find himself a girl that’s gonna make everything super-easy for him … and hilariously so …

  • Seems like lots of mixed signal on both sides. Him being inexperienced and unsure in what the hell he is doing and how to do it, and you not being sure what you like more, him or having a free dinner lol

    We always say in community when closing for date try and oversell the venue, but gas station and stealing sandwiches for date is just lol

  • by the next vlog your unibrow will touch your forehead arch (at least at the current growth rate) . Time to invest some of that hard-earned golddigger dough to improve your a avatar pic. Hehe.

  • GAS STATION??? My gosh. Pulling out all the stops, how enticing…. Oh, poor scared boy. Knows what he wants but not how to get there! You did the right thing–who needs a passive guy who can’t even take the first step??!

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