Link Lovin’: What I Love About Men

Published April 10, 2013 by bossymoksie

I know I like to talk alotta shit about mistakes guys make.

It’s funny.

Sometimes I wonder who has it worse in the dating game (not really) because some of us ladies can be pretty crazy.

But let me take a moment to talk about a few things that I love about men.

1-Shit talking for bonding.

I think it’s cute how guys bond with other guys usually by trash talking each other and talking shit. I also think it’s cute when they do it with women. Some women can’t handle this and their ego’s would prefer to be given praises and compliments all day and night. Which is also nice and boring.

2-Stepping up.

Guys have that bad rap of just following their penises and not thinking before acting. It’s hugely sexy when a guy steps up and does something that is right for someone else, or for the situation, even though he clearly wants to be a really really naughty boy. When you see that restraint it’s so sexy. I dunno why: it’s not about being a doormat, which is unattractive and boring, I think it has something to do with being a good leader, and capable of seeing the bigger picture. jmo.

When women step aside or make sacrifices, they may give monologues about it to anyone who will listen because we’re encouraged to share every fucking feeling. Guys not so much. There really is something to that strong silent type. Yum.

3-Action oriented.

Sure there are times I wish you bitches had thunk first (see above). But I admire the do, do, do. No matter how annoying or lame it may get sometimes.  It’s the best way to learn and make mistakes, and I know it’s not always easy.

4-Best Cosmetic Ever.

While us women tear ourselves apart and make a sport out of picking other women apart, men tend to focus on what they find to be good and beautiful about us.

No matter what great new expensive shoe you have on, or perfect hair day, or favorite lip gloss or mascara you may be rocking that day, they all have nothing on a guy telling you how gorge you look tonight. Ironically, most of us ladies use all that crap to get such compliments and ego boosts from men. It’s a vicious cycle; one I don’t mind playing in!

Maybe that why the cosmetic industry makes so much money!

5-Lastly I love that they have a weakness for me! 😉


20 comments on “Link Lovin’: What I Love About Men

  • They dress up to impress other girls too don’t you think, I see some girls who go out to dinners (in the suburbs) with their girlfriends looking fine even on nights when they won’t be in a position to be complimented by a male.

    • Guilty as charged, but they are two separate things. Girls do try to impress other girls, besides, no one wants to be ripped apart later by haters (strangers or frenemies) about how off their hair was that night or how they were bulging out of their dress! It’s more of a social standing thing with other girls. Also, you want to be the girl that all the guys try to talk to even though you’re out on a ‘girls only’ night. Girls also dress up to make themselves feel better, but attention/compliment from a guy usually makes them feel so much better than any new dress would.

      With men, especially at first, girls try to look their best. Because they want that attention! I think part of the reason why girls stop dressing up after awhile witht he same guy is because they have a guy and that already makes them feel special and attractive so they don’t feel the need to dress up as much over time. As I said, you don’t feel the need of Loreal as much once you have the consistent attention of a man! Regardless of whether or not he’s telling her how beautiful she is all the time.

      And when girls give compliments to girls, the girls will never feel as pretty or attractive as when a guy, especially one they are into, tells them the same thing.

  • Haha, nice post! Thanks for the link too. I wrote my post partly in jest put partly in a hope that some women would think “oh shit, that one sounds like me… I better improve my profile if I want to hear from more suitable men!”

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