When Boys Attack: Story 2

Published March 26, 2013 by bossymoksie

I’m used to a few cat calls and some honking when I’m walking down the street. But for a guy to pull over, roll his window down, and then try to holla at me is so After-School-Special-meets-Lifetime movie. It makes me completely uncomfortable and I literally shut down.

Let me add that I have post traumatic stress syndrome from this scenario. A dude once pulled over, rolled down his window to ask directions and then told me he had a gun. Nothing happened (he wanted money and I had none), but it’s enough to make me never want to speak to a dude in his car EVER AGAIN. Or anyone else.
Even if I’m with other people, I will literally hide behind the other friend(s) (yeah, I’m the George Constanza of the group). Even if it’s an elderly couple driving that pulls over. Even if it’s a family packed in a minivan filled with kids. In fact I am MORE suspicious of those scenarios and think they are trying to Ted Bundy me. I don’t care, I don’t like it, and I won’t be having it!
Last year, as I walked to the store, a  car slowed down and a guy asked me if I was registered to vote. I yelled “Voting sucks!” and ran the other way. (He did remind me that I needed to register though).
A few months  ago, a dude rolled up to me and said that he wanted to tell me I was beautiful. I didn’t look at him, crossed my arms  and kept walking. “Thanks”.
He said some other stuff, something about making me something or giving me something, but I was too busy concentrating on looking like I was ignoring him to hear. “No Thanks” I said when I could tell he had stopped talking. After a moment he told me I was beautiful again and then sped off. Charming.
I can’t speak for most girls, but I will anyway. It’s a little creepy and uncomfortable. I also can’t help but think you have nothing better to do with your time then drive around and pull over to random girls walking down the street to buy some Debbie’s fudge rounds groceries like a fucking pedophile approaching children with candy.

19 comments on “When Boys Attack: Story 2

  • I’m male and I find that creepy. Seriously… just creepy. Don’t these idiots see that the only thing it is going to do is intimidate you? The only time I would ever do that is if I knew the girl and was being courteous enough to ask her if I could give her a lift to wherever she is going.

  • I didn’t know guys were still doing this. I thought this played out years ago. You would do that to the younger girls in the neighborhood. Like driving home from high school type shit. It’s thirsty game. You pull over for enough women, someone is going to be cooperative. Not something I would do now or advise anyone to do.

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