7 Ways To Become Social With Women: Book Review

Published March 21, 2013 by bossymoksie

I know Social Kenny doesn’t need help selling his book!

But I always wanted to read one of his books and give a review. So here it is!

Imagine being able to be social in general and with hot women in one week! With this practical guide you can. That is if you do the work!

I give the girls POV on some of the social tactics Kenny suggests in his book (to add on to why the tactics can be effective).

Link to his book: “7 Ways to Become Social With Women”

**Kenny: My only gripe with this book is that you don’t put specifically how many years you’ve been studying seduction theory in your Bio at the end.


21 comments on “7 Ways To Become Social With Women: Book Review

  • Thanks for blowing me up girl! And nice video too as usual. It must be a full moon out for me to be giving away compliments so freely.

    Anyway, I liked the way you phrased it which was to be social in general and not just with women.

    • I like how practical and efficient the book is.
      Re: Bio
      DIdn’t know it was on purpose. I’m used to seeing a number of years so I can judge how much of an expert they are. I guess that’s why it’s there! Great book though!

      • To be real, I don’t even remember how many years I’ve been doing pickup.

        The best thing about the book and the way I do it is that I keep it very short. Guys who write books tend to overwrite shit with 400 pages and stuff. How the fuck can one learn by reading a 350 page book! It’s too much info for anyone’s brain to absorb and apply! In this day and time, free time is limited. No one has the sufficient time to actually read 300 pages. There’s too much going on. So my books are just like 15-20 pages. Anyone can read it in 1 day and apply what’s in it. Anything over 100 pages is just overkill.

      • You are right. The books should be shorter and focus on one thing at a time. Otherwise it can be too overwhelming to digest all that at once. Especially newbies.

  • As for the bio and how long I’ve been in the seduction community, I usually keep that out. I did it intentionally. For some reason, I don’t like revealing how long I’ve been doing this. I honestly don’t have a rational explanation for this. Even in some of my blog posts, I would say “I’ve been in this for some years”, but never get specific.

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