When Boys Attack: Story 1

Published March 14, 2013 by bossymoksie

The other night, I received a mysterious voicemail message on my phone. The call was made at midnight and I was busy getting my beauty sleep on so it went straight to voicemail. I did not recognize the name on the voicemail message or the phone number, which had a Los Angeles area code.


After accusing another male friend of playing a prank on me I ended up texting the mystery caller after a day of ???? in my head. (Sidenote: All my guy friends are trained to not call me after 10:30 pm. That’s me time. Or sexy time with someone else.)

ME: Who is this?

GUY: It’s Birthday Cake Boy*. We met at Townhouse. Sorry for the late call.

Okaaaay. Some of you know I moved from Los Angeles to the boondocks the  east coast a year and a half ago. Plus I visited Los Angeles in December.  I don’t remember this Townhouse place. I do remember getting a several free birthday cake pieces from birthday boys at several parties my friends and I crashed while we were out drinking. So that narrowed it down. But I did not remember which guy. I didn’t remember any of the guys, just the cakes.  Strawberry cake, neopolitan cake, yes there is such a cake!, a german chocolate coconut cake…

ME: I’m clueless. What month or year did we meet?

Birthday Cake Boy: You’ve been to Townhouse more than once? It was in 2011.

20-fuckin-11! RANDOM.

ME: All I remember is that I went to a lot of bars in LA, had a lot of drinks, and got hit on by lots of guys. Is Townhouse really that special that I should remember it?

BCB: LMAO. I see you’re a wanted woman. Townhouse wasn’t so amazing that night. It’s a karoake bar.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Now I vaguely remember which night it was. I was wearing a hat and there was a birthday boy that let my friends and I eat cake and run. The Veejay was also hitting on me hard and even serenaded a song for me in a mock proposal. I just remember that THAT guy was not attractive. Compared to him the Birthday Cake Boy was cute. That’s all I remember, I can’t even picture their faces, just my opinion on them.

ME: Maybe I will just have to hear your voice so I can remember. I can’t talk today but we can catch up later this week. That is if you want to catch up and weren’t calling for a booty call.

BDB: LOL. ok. I hope no man would bluntly say I called for a booty call.

ME: Stranger things have happened.

Like a mofo calling you in the middle of the night TWO YEARS AFTER GETTING YOUR NUMBER.

BDB: LOL. Indeed.

I really just want to talk to him, flirt with him and then announce that my fine ass had moved across the country.


But it will only be hilarious if that’s all he’s after.

Stay tuned!

*name obviously changed.


17 comments on “When Boys Attack: Story 1

  • Never heard a west coast/Cali’ chick say Boondocks before lol. I thought that was just an NYC thing.

    Quick question out of curiosity; why the hell don’t you ever post about guy(s) you’re currently dating? Do you get dick?

    I know you blogged about the older guy the other day, but sex never went down. Do you have sex? Serious question. Not expecting you to write a lay report as we do in pickup, but I never seen you write about sex or your sex life. That’s strange.

  • lol, you reminded me my own wtf moment. Last summer I # closed chick, she specifically asked to just call her. Fine, I give her call, some guy answers and tells along lines “I do not know this chick, it is wrong number”. Hm… Ok….whatever

    Same day evening she calls me from the exact same number where I got this guy lol, I did not answer (figured out it is this guy calling), but by the voice message she left it was clear it was her calling.

    People are so strange some times lol

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