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Published February 17, 2013 by bossymoksie

Where I answer your questions about love, dating and tricky relationship situations (questions in bold):

Hi. I have a question. I met a guy at a club a few weeks ago. We exchanged numbers but I thought it was strange that he had two cellphones. We talked and went out on a date. After the date I looked him up on Facebook and there are pictures of him with another girl all over it. For years. Including his main picture profile. And he only calls me back on weekends, which I thought was a little strange but I didn’t say anything. Should I ask him about it? Will I seem like a stalker for looking him up on Facebook? I don’t want him to think I’m a psycho if I’m wrong.

Who cares what he thinks! Two cellphones? He definitely has a girlfriend/wife. I would admit I stalked him looked him up on Facebook and see his reaction! I would also surprise his ass by showing up for a fake booty call on a weekenight too. But he probably wouldn’t tell you the truth. Hey, maybe the pictures are of his favorite female cousin that he’s really, really close to. And maybe pigs fly. If you are sensing something isn’t right, it’s probably not. Especially if he only calls you on weekends and not weekdays or vice versa. Next.

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19 comments on “Ask a Bitch!

  • I don’t think this girl is in the position to ask the guy about anything. They’re not dating.

    And she should learn from this incident which is that since she met the guy @ the club, his mindset would be geared towards that, meaning hooking up on weekends (although they didn’t hook up I don’t think). So that’s why he contacts her on weekends. Not all club guys operate this way but it’s common.

    • Girls assume that when a guy gets there number and asks them out, then they are dating. Well, that’s how they organize it in their head anyway, until it actually turns into something else (fuckbuddy, relationship, or nothing).
      I do agree with you to not take guys you meet at the club seriously.

  • I agree with Kenny to a point. She isn’t in the position to ask or demand an explanation but she can surely pick sense from nonsense and move on. Also, I don’t think having 2 cellphones is a clear cut way to suggest someone is creeping because I have two and there’s not even one gf or wife

    • Good point Petersburg when it comes to the 2 cellphone thing. Personally, I have 2 cellphone (iPhone and Blackberry), and it’s totally not for bad reasons. But Bossy sure has a point that a great # of men do have 2 phones for creeping reasons.

      • exactly. I have a galaxy and a blackberry but they’re from two different providers. Nothing to do with shadiness though a lot of men do that

      • Same with me: 2 different providers serving different purposes.

        I never understood why men use 2 phones for try cover their tracks. It just never occurred to me nor appealed to me. Actually, I don’t know the purpose lol!

      • @Kenny
        Bitches be checkin the phone bill! So I bet one of the cell phone bills are not going to the home address, if you get what I mean. And the one that goes to the home has no suspicious activity on it. You don’t have to worry about that though because your girl knows what’s up.

    • If something isn’t sitting right with her and she feels uneasy, I think it’s better to be honest. She lets him know what page she’s on (which is different from the page he’s on apparently) and then it’s out in the open and they can go from there. Otherwise, girls will just let it quietly bother them, make excuses for the situation, and then suddenly go off on the guy as time goes by and they’re not getting what they want. And they guy is thinking she’s been cool with the situation the whole time.
      Interesting re: cellphone. I can barely keep up with one! Why in the world would you have two? Now that I think of it, a few of my guy friends have two, just because they’re like toys to them.

      • i agree this situation has many red flags if she wants to get serious but all I am saying is that the 2 phone thing is not ideally a “player factor”. Well the BB was first but it takes too long when I want to go on my blog or anyone else’s for that matter so i bought the galaxy where i have no problem. The BB has many contacts so I decided to keep it up and running.

  • If I remember correctly, the usual advice to check if person is cheating is to check for another SIM card or another phone.

    The girl in question has all the answer, but hopping to hear something else rather than face the truth.

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