Date with the Money Guy…Funny Guy Part 1

Published January 30, 2013 by bossymoksie

I meet him at his place, on the outside, and he drove us in his car.

He looks cute and the vibe I felt at the meet is still there, minus the booze. We talk, we laugh. He pulls into McDonald’s and then turns to me and says,

“This is where we’re eating.”


I’m not lovin it.

Really? After talking about how you like spending money on your girlfriends, you now want to see how much of a goldigger I am?

Before I could tell him that I don’t eat that shit except for their icecream, he laughs and says, “Just kidding!” and drives out. He then explains that since we weren’t going on our 6 hour date, he hadn’t made new plans and had cancelled the reservations at the fancy restaurant. All I heard was “blah, blah, blah, excuses, excuses I don’t give a shit about our date anymore since I doubt you’ll be putting out.”

“What are you in the mood to eat?” He asks. Fine, fish tacos. I’ve really wanted some in a while, and since I didn’t get a chance to get some in L.A., and I live in a place where they’re hard to find, that’s what I really really wanted.

He suggested a restaurant I had never heard before and we went. I was not impressed, it was a local version of Applebee’s or TGIF’s. There were fish tacos on the menu, but they were out of fish (?!), so I had to settle for chicken. Fail. At this point I’m debating whether or not to put him in the friend zone, because the talking is still pretty good. He also made the mistake of asking if he could touch my hair. And you know how I feel about that.

At this point I’m pretty disappointed and becoming more and more uninterested in continuing anything with this guy. BUT, he still could have turned the date around, some way, some how, and left me with a somewhat better feeling about him and dating him in general. Despite him having pulled a bait and switch on me.

That’s the thing, women go back and forth on a dude. One minute, we’re kinda all in, and the next we’re wondering why we’re in the same room with you. But even if you make a mistake, we’re willing if you’re cute or rich enough to let you make it up to us. See how generous and patient we are?

Sadly, that is not what happened, he ended up with a piece of my mind instead of a piece of ass that night, which we all know men enjoy.

To be continued…


14 comments on “Date with the Money Guy…Funny Guy Part 1

  • Lol you had me cracking up with the “I dont eat that shit except for the ice cream”. Such a flip-flopper lol!

    Anyway, I see this as a decent strategy to weed out the gold-diggers. I may have to do this, or even promise to take the girl to a fast-food joint and see how she reacts.

    BTW, is this the same 6 hour guy?

    • Same guy, this is part of a mini-series post, as Reema calls it.
      Looking back, that was kinda funny that he took me to McD’s. I wish he had backed the joke up with a stellar, impressive night.
      And you know how it is, if he was cool, we wouldn’t need no fancy restaurant. At least for that night 😉 .

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