The Date Buildup and Expectations

Published January 26, 2013 by bossymoksie

So the day was set for my date with the Money Guy Funny Guy and we were texting everyday and talking on the phone every other day.

Can I say that I was already a little exhausted from that much contact? But hey, it was good convo with a possible great and lucrative future so I took it. A few nights before our date, the conversation turned sexual because, of course. He opens by asking me if I like sex which is a pretty dumb question because, who doesn’t?. He then asks me what things I like to do. Very smooth. I answered sexily, “Ooh. You know what I really, really, really like? It drives me so crazy.”

Then I dropped the sexy and said, “I like dates. Lots and lots of dates.” Which made him laugh.

He then informs me that he had planned a 6 hour extravaganza for our first date. WTF? That’s a long time. And a girl has shit to do like get her hair done, nails, waxing, bragging to friends, writing about you in her blog, etc. It took some threatening prying, but I got him to reveal to me this super secret, day long date he had planned out in case it was something really cool or fun. It was an early dinner at this exclusive, reservations-only rooftop restaraunt, followed by drinks at the swanky hotel bar where we met, dessert at one of his favorite places, then back at his place for a movie and a foot massage for me. (Though I suspect he had some other things he wanted rubbed.) I told him he would get two hours and I would not be setting foot in his house. He was naturally disappointed and almost pleaded with me to spend the six hours with him. It’s not the end of the world, dude. I have to see how this date goes before I decide I want to spend SIX FUCKING HOURS straight with you. He was really stressed.

So a note to the ladies. Guys always let you know what they expect, whether they mean to or not. They are really simple. So far, he has told me what he thinks his value and strength is in a relationship: $$$$. (Even though in my opinion, his humor is probably worth a lot more. But apparently that’s not what he thinks and I’m gonna go with what he thinks.) Now he is telling me what he expects my value of this relationship to be. And that is underneath him. In so many words he’s basically saying I’ll give you money, let’s fuck. He is willing to pimp himself out. So I know what to expect. And it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to sleep with him. I am semi-physically attracted to him. And he could build more attraction during our date.

I know that when it comes to dating, sex is going to come up. That’s fine. But with this guy, the main two themes of our conversations was the money he has and likes to spend, and sex. I know what this guy is about and what he is looking for.  This is all he wants and thinks he needs in a relationship with a woman and I can faux respect that. But all this messaging and talking has shown me that he needs a lot of attention which could be a dealbreaker.

Being that I am a woman, and like to complicate things, I will ignore any feelings of red flags, hope that this will work to my advantage, and that it will magically turn into something I could work with and shop with later.

I mean, he is the one who is hooked on all this and wants to spend SIX HOURS together.

To be continued…


18 comments on “The Date Buildup and Expectations

  • Oh GAHD. I’ve gone on long dates like that, but they were accidental. Like, we’d be somewhere and having a good time and “oh look at the time! holy cow!”. But no way should your first date ever be that long on purpose. What happens if you hate him after dinner? Yikes, creepy.

    And I wish guys would keep sex out of it until after a date or two. Good Lord!

    I’m glad you’re a tough lady and aren’t going to give it up for the money!

  • I’m a bit confused. Y’all went on the date yet or it’s for a future date?

    6 hours right off the bat! 2 hours then see how it goes would be the way I do it like you said.

    And the funny thing is, even though it’s 1 hour on the date, if it’s a good date, it always happens that it turns out longer. But you can’t commit to a full 6 without knowing how it goes.

  • I smell wedding in the air lol

    Just kidding.

    He either needy or uses money as a selling point to get laid and than move on. Because that seems to be the only focus throughout entire communication.

    I am curious in one moment; if he has money than how come gf spot is open, especially given his good social skills. That doesn’t adds up.

    2 Hours is very long, realize it is down from 6, but still a lot. I think 45 minutes is best, allows you to grab coffee, take a walk with him and see how he qualifies, and all with minimum time spent. If everything ok, than next time you can go for as much as you want.

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