The Money Guy…I Mean the Funny Guy

Published January 25, 2013 by bossymoksie

So I was out the other night with the ladies. It was a really luxuriant and swanky place. Meaning $$$ for drinks and food with a good view of the surrounding buildings.

And we ran into some guys. Because they are everywhere. We wanted attention and we got it. I met a guy, who was kinda little, meaning skinny, and  I usually don’t like super skinny guys because they make me feel fat. But he was really funny. We had rapport. We had jokes. We had banter. We were buzzed. It seemed as though we had a few things in common. It was a great meet. And it didn’t hurt that our drinks were supplied by him and his friends. I didn’t even remember his name, but I remembered that it was a good time. And that I gave him my number. He and his friends eventually had to leave for a bachelor party, and they invited my friends and I but we declined. The bachelor party  was a pool party and not a stripper party, but did that mean we were gonna be the ‘entertainment’ in our bikinis in the pool? No thank you, I’m not that hard up for attention.

The next night, he calls me. He wants to hang out that same night! No thank you, I already have plans, but even if I didn’t, I still wouldn’t have went. I mean, I just saw you the night before. But I’m now glad that I got your name cleared up in my head. So we set something up for the following weekend. In the meantime, we talked on the phone and texted each other, where the conversation was still fun and a good time. He made sure to bring up his houses in Florida and Texas, and how he blinged out his former longterm girlfriend. I’m sure he said some other things about himself and past relationships but this is all I heard:

bag of money


kim k shoes

Shiiiiiiiiny…me wanty.

shiny diamond ring

A girl always misses a few new best friends…

Hmm...It's always a good time to update your wardrobe.

Hmm…It’s always a good time to update your wardrobe.

Note to men: He has told me, in so many words, that this is what he thinks he has of value to offer a woman. And I am not one to argue when it serves my purpose.

He is actually planning on going to his place in Florida soon since the weather is cold here and wants to take me. Sounds like a promising future to me!

But something tells me I’m gonna have to work for it (you always do!) It can’t really be this easy…

To be continued…


37 comments on “The Money Guy…I Mean the Funny Guy

  • Oh snaps! If money is the only thing he has to offer, makes me wonder what he’s compensating for (small penis, poor bedroom skills, AIDS, third nipple or what not). On the upside, it sounds like he used to trading money for what not so I’d take advantage of it. Just be careful, he could be an axe murderer! The whole thing does sound too good to be true tho :-/

    • Great story. I like how he suddenly called you out for wanting him for his money, even though he dangled that carrot. I’m glad you went off on him (it’s what I did). Can we help it if the truth hurts? (and that we’re mad that we didn’t get our shopping sprees, lol)

  • What Every 14 Year Old Boy Needs to Hear
    Men, you need to take your sons (14 years old or not, every male really needs to read this) and make them read this.

    I’m not even going to dissect it on account it should be painfully clear what you and your sons should pull from this. And trust me, you will save your sons an immeasurable amount of pain and grief in the future showing them this and explaining it to them rather than letting them go into the meat grinder uninformed.

    • I agree, every boy and man should read this post as a cautionary tale! You wanna feed a girl bullshit and promises instead of just being secure with yourself and your manhood, then BEWARE, especially of bitches like me.

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