Another Day, Another Award

Published January 23, 2013 by bossymoksie
Um, of course!

Um, of course!



So, I got a few awards (nomination=win) from a few fans and wanted to give them a shout out.

It wasn’t too long ago when I was a newbie blogger and was so excited to get awards and then brag about them then thank the blogger who bestowed the award on me. Now that the high is gone and I know that it’s basically a chain letter that caters to my ego I’ve been blogging for a bit and realize it’s a lot of work to accept, I tend to not get that warm and fuzzy feeling as much.

I won’t be following the rules on these, I mean I did get that BadAss award which means I do whatever I want anyway. It’s kinda been noticed and rewarded so it’s no surprise. I will however collect my little trophies and run.

Sounds very upstanding and literary...

Sounds very upstanding and literary…

And I do LOVE to brag and that’s why this acceptance post exists. Lemme share with you who nominated me for an award:

Phoebe’s Misadventures

Chronicles her dating thoughts and experiences, sometimes enjoying her freedom and sometimes wanting to be loved up (aren’t you all?)


Jokes and musings and drunk-logic advice. Good times.

Blame It On Disney

Chasing the fairy tale while still living in reality.

Thanks ladies for putting up with all my awesomeness.


7 comments on “Another Day, Another Award

  • lol. I remember how excited I was the first time… I got an award! then they just kept coming and then I made the non award award and a commitment to be a part of stopping the insanity! (I mean I like them, theres just too many)

    • I know! The acceptance posts really take a loooong time to do, but it’s nice to be recognized and to recognize others. Especially in the beginning.
      I think I remember that non award post! Partly because I was awarded. Thanks for not creating work on that award!

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