Happy New Year and Resolutions

Published January 2, 2013 by bossymoksie

It’s a new year!

Which pretty much means it’s just another day.

Now that we’ve gotten Christmas out of the way and spent quality time with spiked eggnog and punch family, re-living fights and gripes memories, and opening all our old wounds presents, we can move on with our lives and focus on more important matters: OURSELVES!

Instead of doing the sam-o resolutions I think my only resolution will be to focus on some direction in my life. I came to this conclusion during my post break-up involuntary bed rest.

Like maybe a career? Like maybe commit to something for longer than a year? Yuck!

I mean it would have to be a job that I’m good at and is fun. Like fuckin with men’s minds.

But then I realized, I could easily commit to something that is the most awesome and interesting thing in the world. ME! If I could somehow find a job where all have to do is be me, then I will be set and a fuckin genius.

So far, I’ve come up with having my own reality show or a sugar daddy who is rarely home or super old. I’ve spent some time already on the latter, and you would think that it would be easy, but it actually requires more work than it looks. Because it requires me to play nice and jump through some hoops. I am not ready to make my own sex tape yet or sleep with a famous athlete, so a reality show is out of the question.

Maybe a memoir? Or maybe a dating advice coach as Social Kenny keeps suggesting?  Either way, I have to be my own boss, because, that’s how I roll. There is always a time in jobs and relationships where someone else likes to point out how much in charge they are. And there will always be a time when I will show them how much they are not. So I need a career that revolves around that trait of mine!

In the meantime, just wanted to point out a few new features to my blog. Some were requests, and since I’m an attention whore a giver, I am happy to oblige. I will be posting more of my own personal dating adventures and doing a few ‘Angry Letter’s’ posts.  I will probably call it something else.

Other changes I’m making were not requests but I’m doing it anyway because I can. ‘Ask a Bitch’ will be posted every other week, and I will be posting more videos (including videos of me!). Not sure what these videos of me will be as of yet, since I don’t want to repeat what I already wrote. If you readers have any suggestions or requests, please comment below.


34 comments on “Happy New Year and Resolutions

      • You’ve kept up with your blog, and this would be a job similar to the “Ask a Bitch” series, just more in-depth and talking with people face-to-face. If it gets boring, then whatever, you now know one more thing you don’t want to do 😀

  • Video blog probably would be probably good idea, there not many out there. Just decide what audience you want to talk to and then make a plan.

    I would stay from pickup forums, usually female pua advice doesn’t get much respect, even if you know what you talking about.

    • @Bogs- I wouldn’t expect her to go onto Seduction community forums giving Dr. Phil type advice or advocate for me to DLV and stuff like that.

      But if she does get into doing tutorial videos, I think her best audience would be the aspiring PUA guys and PUA newbies.

      That is the beauty about the community when it comes to dating advice; we have a huge audience. There are many men out there who seek PUA’s advice on dating. So Bossy Moksie should target that audience.

      • Dr. Phil lol

        She probably needs to either select wide audience subject or subject that has maybe small audience but unexplored and has a lot of potential.

        I would also probably do it on youtube rather than on blog, larger audience and better looking future if she ever wants to make some money out of it. Because putting effort and get nothing for it means its not going exist for long time.

      • Bogs, I agree with having an angle of some sort and I will be posting the vids on youtube as well as here. And with thinking about my audience. Social Kenny, I am well aware that the PUA community has a huge audience, which was one of the reasons why I am looking into it!

    • Do females not get as much respect because they usually give the “Dr. Phil” socially acceptable advice? Or just because they are girls and it’s another boys club?
      You would think the angle of ‘being a girl’ would make a female PUA more credible.

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