5 Ways to Get Over Someone

Published December 17, 2012 by bossymoksie

Just thought I’d share my ways of getting over someone after a break up for you internet people that may be going through this right now, or for future reference.

Before I get it into it , you have to know that’s it’s gonna hurt. Nothing will stop that unless you’re a sociopath. It’s just the reality. Whether your relationship was a long or short one, good or bad one, real or imaginery. Change hurts. Like when you move, or your puppy dies, or you get a hair cut. Accept it.

Now that you’ve accepted the inevitable, it’s time to medicate distract lighten that pain load as much as possible so that you can get through the next few days, weeks, months, years (Really people? Years?! It’s not like you were dating Jesus. Or Trey Songz. Or Megan Fox.) as smoothly as possible.

Megan Fox pic

Megan Fox

1) Whenever thoughts of your ex rears it’s ugly head, think about all the annoying things that angered and frustrated you. Think about all the things you did not get, but wanted and needed. It’s a good bet that at least one of these things helped lead to the break-up. If not, you now get to appreciate that you don’t have to put up with that shit EVER AGAIN. Happier now, aren’t you?

2) Get a life make-over. A chunk of your life has just been removed so you don’t have a choice, you’re life just got made over. But you can choose whether this will be a good thing, or a bad thing in the long run! This includes a mandatory physical make-over (new hair, clothes, style, getting in shape, etc.). This also includes decluttering their crap. Change things around. Change your job, change your furniture or move it around, change out your nail polishes, change out your underwear, change your goals, change your mindset.  If you really want to go drastic, change your friends and zip code! Remodel your space and your mind. The point is that this is an opportunity to change your life for the BETTER!

3) On a similar note, now that you have all this shiny, new time on your hands, it’s time to pick up some new hobbies. Anything that you’ve always wanted to try or do but didn’t because of blah, blah, blah. Now’s the time! Replace the passion of your relationship with the passion of a new interest. Frames made of shells? Bungee cord jumping? Witchcraft? Waltzing? Couponing? Volunteering to collect socks for the homeless? Go for it. This step is also great for confidence. For some reason, people get it in their heads that they are unlovable just because a relationship ended and will never find someone to love ever again. Wrong! It was a break-up, not a decree from God Almighty saying that you will be foreveralone. Calm it down and enjoy yourself. Remember why you love being you and being alive. Then you’ll remember that others have loved you and will again! Also self-love and confidence is attractive so you are steps closer to finding a replacement someone new.


4) Attention!!!! My personal fave. 😉 This is where the drinking, partying, friends, and flirting come in. Bitch to friends. Bitch to a blog. Laugh. Talk to strangers. This is the time to let people know you are alive and kickin! Engage with anyone who will comply. You are a rock star and rock stars require attention. People who know what you’re going through will fall in line with that out of pity. Pick up the phone and dial a number. Any number. Aunt Patty hasn’t heard from you in awhile.

Party like it's a Mayan Apocolypse.

Party like it’s a Mayan Apocolypse.

5) Rebound. This one is tricky and therefore optional. Not everyone needs to do this, while others shouldn’t. And it’s not needed after every relationship you get out of. If you do need to do this, just remember it should be fun and brief. The point is to make you feel desirable and not alone. It’s a band aid not a cure. Do not fall into another trap relationship with the same bullshit, or worse, similar to the one you just escaped got out of. If you keep falling in love with your rebounds, then this step is not for you. Please refrain.

Taking these steps should make the healing process feel at least a little bit better. And it makes you and your life better, setting you up for  a relationship that will also be better.

Merry Christmas.

You’re welcome.


18 comments on “5 Ways to Get Over Someone

  • In the interest of time, let me address the first punchline made by you: it will hurt!

    I’m tired of hearing ppl over the years say “just move on”, “forget about her”!

    Really lol!

    If moving on and getting over someone was so easy, we all would’ve moved on already.

    I’ll address the rest later.

    • Kenny, you need years to move on from someone???? YOU!!!???????
      Really, if the person is gone you need to accept it and just move on. I mean not the next day but really, time goes on and so should you. You don’t have to forget but you shouldn’t be in a ball on the floor of your room for all eternity either.
      And Kenny, you better come back and address the rest and not say you will and then not. You’ve done that before!

  • You write with such humor, it makes me laugh. I’m not sure why, but I found this really funny, probably because it came off sarcastic to me:
    “Volunteering to collect socks for the homeless?”

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