Ask A Bitch!

Published November 24, 2012 by bossymoksie

Thanksgiving edition!

Where I answer your questions about love, dating and hairy situations (questions in bold):

I am dating a guy and not sure what to do with Thanksgiving. We’ve been dating since late September. We’ve both brought it up but not agreed on anything. He thinks it’s too soon to meet the parents and I kinda agree, but I think it will look strange if we go to each of our families alone. What’s the best way to settle this?

It depends on you and your relationship. Me? I wouldn’t bring a dude around to the craziness of my family unless he was legally required to (read: he put a ring on it). And I’m not about to to hang out with someone else’s boring or crazier family so I just don’t. But if I did have to choose, I would follow the booze.  Because nothing makes you feel more like giving thanks than a good buzz.

But you seem willing and able to do either scenario. I have to ask if it’s because you really think you two should share this holiday together, or are you worried about how it will look, especially to your family? No one likes to fend for themselves at holidays when nosy-ass families start asking about your dating status and why you aren’t as miserable and married as they are, but don’t drag your new honey along with you prematurely just to prove something. It could backfire. And he already seems hesitant about wanting to deal with it any parental meets.

*P.S.- fyi, She went to his family’s place for Thanksgiving.

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3 comments on “Ask A Bitch!

  • Like bossy said, it depends on your relationship. I was the faced with the same situation last year with my girlfriend. We started dating late September and the “thanksgiving talk” came up. I just told her we should celebrate thanksgiving with our own families and that weekend, we could cook a nice dinner together and have our own thing. It worked out for the best and we’re still together.

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