What It Takes to Win This Game

Published October 29, 2012 by bossymoksie

Some of you see the dating game as a headache! And the way you play it, you should. I see it as potential for maximum fun. Because all you see is the destination. I see the journey as the fun. I enjoy the back and forth. I like the discovery. I especially love to be proven right! I enjoy the small wins as much as the big wins.

And it is a game. With so many rules. So many books, authors, seminars, classes. So many tricks and shortcuts. It’s a multi-billion dollar business, this game. But I’m gonna share with you what it really takes to win.

Before I share my wisdom in what it takes, lemme lead you to it with my line of thinking. For a minute, let’s take your fear/desire/heart/etc. out of the equation and think about this objectively. Because this is what I feel clouds everybody’s thinking and fucks their game all up. We are all just objects, a goal. Yeah. Strangers to each other. We don’t know anything. More specifically, you wanna know what men see when they see women? Vaginas. A good fun time and feeling good and alive.

Yeah, I said it.

Women do it too. But what do they see? Prince Charming. The guy who’s gonna magically solve all their problems and make them finally feel special.

Sometimes this is switched. Women just see a penis to scratch their itch and men see a fairy princess in a tall castle.

Therefore, in the beginning, we don’t actually see each other. We see an object. A goal. Our projection of what we want. And this fantasy continues until:

A) One rejects the other

B) Finally get to know each other after months of dating, fucking, hanging out, etc.

C) Never (even after marriage!)

So, if it’s all just a game, then what do YOU need to do to win? The object of the game is to stand out! You need to somehow get the other person to see beyond their ready-made objectification of you. Be different. You can do many tricks, be a bitch or a jerk for a temporary win. And who doesn’t want a temporary win from time to time! Be a bitch. Flip out about something and then don’t when the same thing happens again. Be a jerk. Don’t commit to anything. Ever. Not even your favorite Slurpee flavor. Keep em guessing. That usually makes you stand out.

But if you really want to win the jackpot, you do it by being you! Because no one else can do that!

And if you don’t wanna play any games at all? Well, fuck all the rules. Because if you really want a connection and love, all you have to do is be your honest, true self. Find someone who can do the same. Then live annoyingly, happily ever after.


7 comments on “What It Takes to Win This Game

  • This short article sounds like something I’d write.

    And it’s so timely since I was planning on writing an article about manipulation.

    And greatest point to this post was about being vague and mysterious in other words. That’s very powerful, don’t you think?

  • I guess it comes down to expectation and not looking on people for who they really are.

    As somebody said once:
    “Don’t get caught up in how stunning she looks…think about who she really is DEEP INSIDE, because that’s the chick that has to DECIDE to fuck you.”

    I also think game is not something you from time to time but rather something that you are.

    • I was using a play on words with the word ‘game’. PUA’s use it as a term to apply to your approach or being, but to most of us, the dating game is really just a bunch of (ego protection) games.
      It really should be about getting to know who the other is and going from there.

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