Get Out and Touch Someone

Published October 24, 2012 by bossymoksie

…or not.

Hey you. Yeah, you sitting in front of the computer while watching “Family Guy”. Dirty house, sloppy clothes, unshowered. And why should you be clean? Your single. You’re a grown ass man. You can do whatever you want. And the only people you complain about being single is with your online social circle. Anonymously.

Well, here’s a clue. Supermodels don’t fall out of the sky into fanboys laps. And especially into the laps of half employed dudes who live with their mothers and have no interest in anything other than Warcraft and their next action movie sequel.

Get out. Get a life.

Oh but women want money. They want the stud in the comic books. They want the movie star. Prince charming on a horse that’s gonna make all their problems go away with a valiant swing of their sword. Shut up and stop hiding behind those excuses. Of course there are some women who think that way like supermodels and myself. But not all of them. You know what women want?

They want you to be confident. Do you, whatever that is, and respect it, accept it. They want attention. They want to know you are into them and think they are the best thing ever since Stewey. Yes, even better than your favorite sports team. Even better than those stupid movie sequels and Warcraft. Notice that I didn’t say you should give them up, but you should always know that the women are better. (We are!) They want companionship. And, like you, they want orgasms.

(Most) women are willing to put up with almost any of your other annoying traits if you can deliver these few things. Some would even put up with cheating, your body odor, bald head, and addiction to war craft.

So spend some time in the real world and bring yourself home a woman!

This could be you!


15 comments on “Get Out and Touch Someone

  • Nice punchline ending to this article. Warcraft (whatever that is) has been the epitome of nerdism over the years.

    Overall, as you eluded to, those things can be overlooked once the guy has other things in check.

    • That’s why I used Warcraft. I’ve never seen the game but just hear about how guys get addicted to it, and it’s usually the nerdier set.
      But yeah, women will ‘overlook’ many things if they are getting what they need, as long as it isn’t a dealbreaker for her.

  • These are the same guys that say how much they DON’T need game. They think getting women is all about faith and random occurrences. You can’t really help them. But on the other hand, this could be a wake up call and they can start to recognize the power of the game.

    Also, real confidence comes from your knowledge; not the money you have in your pocket. This is why so many men are tricking their money off and not getting results. Women don’t like or respect tricks. They will gladly take your money though. This is why men need to travel more and get out of the house. Also read more and start learning some shit. That will help your conversation skills. Of course everyone needs play time. I’m big into sports. I love fantasy football haha. That’s not my life though. A man should be out handling his business. You shouldn’t even have time to be bullshitting all day. Ok, I digress

    • I agree! Getting a life starts with going out and getting a life!
      I made two separate posts for men and women who like to sit at home and complain about being single. That doesn’t help.
      I think money is the ‘easy’ way to get a women’s attention, which we’ll take. Just like sex is the ‘easy’ way to get a guy’s attention, which men will take.

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