Ask a Bitch!

Published October 20, 2012 by bossymoksie
Where I answer your questions about love, life and hairy situations (questions in bold):

I’m crushin on a girly at work. We laugh, can talk about everything and have hung out a few times outside the job. I can see myself gettin down on one knee for her. She is single but I don’t wanna mess up the great rapport we got at work and make it weird. How can I make that happen?

Work and play? Wow, you must really, really like her. Flirt with her and see if she goes with it. If she doesn’t go there with you, she won’t go anywhere else with you. OR just ask her straight up how she feels about you. You won’t ruin your work ‘rapport’ if you continue to act the same way you do now, no matter what her answer is. It only gets weird when you start acting weird. But I’m pretty sure you’ll stop talking to her altogether if she says she’s not interested so I didn’t really need to address that, did I?

i work at Starbuks and have a crush on a guy i work with. He’s a big flirt, i know, and has already dated another co-worker. They are not together anymore. We made out a few times and we get along well. i’m afraid to sleep with him even though i want to. i want this to work but i am not sure if sex will bring us closer or make him not into me anymore.

Fear is there for a good reason. Have you heard the expression ‘another notch on his bedpost’? Look in the mirror honey, because that’s you. He’s already hit it and quit it with another co-worker, and he’s casually made out with you a few times. So I doubt he has different intentions for you. Be honest with him and tell him that you want to be his official girlfriend before having sex with him. (Make sure he acts like a boyfriend too and doesn’t just do lipservice!) Nothing scares a player off faster like commitment. Then you can know where he stands before you open your legs.

How can I get the butterflies back in my marriage? After 5 years and 2 kids I know we are in a rut. We don’t spend much time alone and my wife is hardly ever in the mood to have sex. I don’t want it to be like this for another 5 years. Suggestions?

Suggestion 1-You’re not sticking you’re wife with ALL the housework and child-rearing are you, while she still works fulltime? Because if you are, she has a good reason for ignoring you. She’s fucking busy! So while you’re gazing at her from afar wondering what the hell happened to your sex life marriage, her brain is filled with check lists that she will probably never finish. Help a girl out! She’ll appreciate it. Maybe even enough to feel like sexing you again.

Suggestion 2-Remember the beginning of your relationship? Butterflies, discovery, and lots of sex dopamine. And dates. Lots of dates. Try dating her again and rediscover your relationship away from all the boring responsibilities and obligations.

Suggestion 3- Costumes and toys.

If you want my bitchy advice, please ask away in the comments section or email me at I will answer in a future blog post.

If you don’t want my bitchy advice, you might get it anyway.

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  • I think my libido is way out of control. I think about sex all day every day. I always want more. I get an erection for no apparent reason at seemingly random times. It’s driving me crazy.

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