Why Hot Bitches are…Bitches

Published October 19, 2012 by bossymoksie
hot bitches at hooters

Lots of men want to step up, but we only have one vagina.

Tripp Advice recently did a video called “Why Hot Girls are Bitches” and I pretty much agreed with it. But it got my ass thinking. Yes, my ass does think.

I mean we’re not being a bitch for our health! Most of us don’t enjoy it! It takes work. It takes time and energy to come up with bitchy come-backs. We have to pay attention to men’s bullshit and be able to put them in their place instead of enjoying our buzz and dancing on tabletops.

The PUA community refers to this behavior as “shit tests”. But we’re not just throwing bullshit out just for the sake of throwing it out and seeing if you’re man enough to handle it. We are throwing it out to weed some of you bitches out.

There’s too fucking many of you!

Think of it as supply and demand.

If I am running a store and at any given time 10 dudes are in there browsing, then yeah my customer service will be shit. Cause I know if you leave, 1 or 2 more of you bitches will show up in your place.

We gotta discern which one is for real and fuckable. And throwing out bullshit bitchiness is our way of knowing who’s really in it to win it and who isn’t. We wanna know how much bullshit and mockery you’re gonna put up with just to be in our presence and how desperate you are to have the attention of a hot chick for a few minutes. So my ‘difficulty’ is just trying to get you to show your face. And you always end up showing your face. It’s just more efficient to be a bitch and let the pussies and douches dig their own graves. This saves everyone time. And by everyone, I mean me.

If I just went along with you then I won’t know the deal until it’s too late! Fuck that!

I need to know what’s up so I can make an informed decision of what I want from you. Because I’m the decider!


24 comments on “Why Hot Bitches are…Bitches

  • The greatest point made in this short article is that part about women not being bitches for the fun of it. They don’t enjoy it. Same as they don’t enjoy rejecting guys left to right, thus they give out a fake # or real # but just screen the calls later and avoid you.

    “Shit Test”!!? Wow you learning some seduction lingo lol. That’s great!

    • Are you trying to say that you raised your daughters to be insincerely ‘nice’, even though there are men out there that mistake that for being interested in them or that you’re a doormat?

      Or are you trying to say that you raised them to waste time with men who have nuthing to offer them, or who they are not really interested in?

      If your daughters are approached constantly, they will find their own way of weeding the men out, one way or another. It’s just human nature and logistics. You can’t date everyone!

  • I get that something like this is a MUST for women. I’m all for having a certain criteria and standards for dealing with the opposite sex. Now once your game gets to a certain level, these little test are non existent. Women are only going to step to you with 100% cooperation. You guys know when you’re dealing with a man who is true to the game.

    • This is mainly for guys who are thristy, clueless, or jerks (ar at least in their approach.)
      Besides, it’s hard to be bitchy to a guy who has his shit together. But then, why would you want to?

      • Exactly what I’ve been telling guys for the longest. Women don’t want to have to go through all of this. They just want to meet a real dude. It’s hard to find that right now with the current state of man. Too many hyenas running around being scavengers with the game. Not respecting the game, not having standards and integrity with the game. Not handling business like a man. It’s all good because me and the other true to the game men will just date the dimes. Good post!

  • This a bit long of a comment lol

    I actually think the better chick is looking the nicer as a person she is. Just this year alone I approached probably about 600 chicks, and came to conclusion that the hotter the chick the better response I am getting. They usually more confident in themselves and if she really hot she is not being approached that much.

    In my approaches, I often jokingly say to them that she must be approached like that all the time, and their answer is always that it never happened to them before.

    Which brings me to second point, I can see 6 or 7 being approached on constant basis, but I never see hotter (8.5 and higher) chicks being approached all the time. Couple years ago I used to date really hot Persian chick, guys would fall all over her. I still remember going with her to night clubs and random people coming to us and telling us how hot we look, and than group of about 7-8 girls asked her to join them (they completely ignored me lol) and later to go to after party, without any effort what so ever from her.

    That kind of treatment she was getting from people, she simply had no reason to be bitchy, but in 2 years that we have been together she been approached only 3 times, and out of them only 1 came from random guy and random situation, the other two came from guys who worked with her and knew her for almost a year.

    I think really hot girl has to really make an effort and put herself in social circles where she can meet higher quality man, because average man simply has no balls to even talk to her and think she is out of his league. Yes guys will linger around and give her lots of attention, but approached not. Hot girl being approached all the time is an urban legend.

    P.S: Of course I was talking about day to day situation, not night clubs or something like that.

    • I actually have heard a lot of hot girls say they hardly ever get approached. BUT- with some of them it’s because they don’t count the guys they aren’t interested in. It’s not even in their mind to count them as an approach and I have had to point that out to them.
      When I lived in the city (Los Angeles) I was not approached that much during the day. But since I’ve moved to a less cosmopolitan state, I get approached ALL THE TIME. Even when I’m in my car!

    • Good game here Bogs. I’ve been saying the same thing for the longest. The dimes are so much easier to the deal with. If you approach her with good conversation, she will be 100% cooperative. A lot of guys are trying to win them over with gifts and money. Good conversation is something you can’t buy. Yes, you have dimes that are gold diggers and I respect a women about her money. That doesn’t bother me. Not everyone is going to be true the game. You need tricks and simps to balance everything out.

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