Three Libra Men Strike Out

Published October 4, 2012 by bossymoksie

In the spirit of the video post I put up yesterday, I wanted to share a few experiences I’ve had with Libra men. Libra’s are known for loving all things beautiful, so naturally they are drawn to me! But I’ve never dated a Libra for long. (As in longer than a few weeks). I don’t know why but these three stories popped into my head so here goes:

1- The Divorcee Libra Guy

I met this guy through friends. He was eight years older and super smart. We got along really well and we liked all of each others’ friends. But he did something that completely pissed me off. He put his hand in the most aggravating place ever. He would wrap his hand around the back of my neck. Like it was a leash and I was a fucking puppy.

Halle Barry demonstrating this annoying bullshit. Halle, that’s not gonna help you keep yo man!

The first time he did it, we were leaving a movie theater with friends. I smacked his hand off me and walked away. No one said anything and we continnued on our night. He never did it when we were alone. The third time he did it, we were at a friends’ party. I dumped him the same night. I suppose I could have told him why, but I figured the smacking his hand away and giving him a dirty look every time he put his hand there said it all. Oh well. We went out for two and a half weeks. My longest Libra relationship. He kept asking our mutual friends about me up to a year later.

2- The Pussy Shy Libra Guy

Again, met through friends. Had seen each other around for a few months. A mutual friend tells me that this guy is into me. And? What the fuck am I supposed to do about it? I just told my friend we will see what happens. I mean, are we supposed to hook up through the grapevine? Are we gonna have a whole relationship that way? Are our friends gonna tell me what he thought of our dates? When he wants to fuck me? Do we ever even need to be in the same room?

The next party I saw him at, I expected him to step to me. HE COMPLETELY IGNORES ME. Not even eye contact. In fact, he left the party early. Bitch ran away.

Just bust a move!

The next party I saw him at, I met a cutie. (We exchanged numbers that night and ended up dating, partly because he wasn’t a pussy but mainly because I was way more attracted and interested in him anyway. He also wasn’t a Libra). The Shy Libra stuck around this time. To the end of the party where everyone had left but a small group (six of us). Then one of my big-mouthed friends says Shy Libra and I should go on a date. Awkward! I was embarrassed. For him! What kind of dude needs a third party to do your work for you? So we go on this date, because who am I to turn down a free meal? We chat. We eat. We go to the bar next door and drink. I am waiting for him to make any kind of move, so I can reject him and then tell him why. Because that’s what I do. I sometimes like to watch dudes dig their own graves, and then push them in with their own shovels. When a whack guy tries to get touchy feely, that’s when I tell them exactly who, what, where, why and how it’s never gonna happen and it’s all their fault! He makes no move. He walks me to my car. I thought ‘this is it, he’s gonna try to kiss me and then I will let him have it’. Nothing! I was robbed! After hearing from all my friends what a great time he had, I texted him that we should be friends. Two weeks later he was dating a hot, needy chick whom he liked to show off. She was so clingy at parties that it was scary to watch. He dumped her six months later after she wanted to move in with him.

3- Undercover Playa Libra Guy

I worked at a discount clothing store a few years ago. There were many girls and guys my age working there at the same time. One of them was the Libra dude. Very handsome, like GQ handsome and put together. But still very masculine. He wasn’t a huge flirt though. So I was surprised when he started flirting with me. One day, we bumped into each other outside of work, I was in a hurry, but we chatted for a few. He then said something about wanting to see me more outside of work. And I flirtily giggled before rushing off. The next time we worked together, he told me I had a secret admirer. And I knew he was talking about himself! There were a few guys who had a crush on me at work, but it was no secret. Naturally I thought, this dude is two shifts away from asking me out.

The next time I came into work, I came in with hair and nails done right, nice tight shirt under my work smock. When I go to clock in, three female co-workers were standing around Libra dude and all looking serious. I go over there concerned, and ask what is going on. One of the girls then informs me that the Libra dude had a girlfriend (huh?), who was a virgin (okay…), and needed tips on how to finally get her to open her legs (???!!!!!!!!).

“Really?” I said and rolled my eyes. I then turned around and took my fine looking ass to work. This bitch. Did he think I was gonna be some jump-off band aid for him to hold his ass over until he gets his girlfriend to finally give up the goods. Hell naw! I demanded asked him later who was this secret admirer that he told me about. He then mumbles something about making that up. He never spoke to me again. Except once to introduce me to his scrawny, busted, virginal girlfriend. And I’m not calling her ugly because I’m a bitch. I’m calling her ugly because I’m honest. And a bitch.

I don’t fucking think so. I don’t do martyr.


16 comments on “Three Libra Men Strike Out

  • Lol wow I looking for interesting things to read about my sign an I come across this article well one thing in all this you were right about you are a bitch that needs to be knocked off her high horses you claim the shy guy was soft yet you weren’t brave enough to tell the first guy what he was doing was wrong looks aren’t everything babe so as a man I’m telling you get over yourself

    • Funny…I don’t remember this post being about a Libra named ACE and how he’s a super sensitive tool. Why are you taking this so personally? It’s about three interactions who happened to be Libra’s so I put them in one post. I do agree that I should have told the shy guy what he did wrong. Maybe he could have learned from that for the future. But I was more pissed at my friends involvement and told them a thing or two. They’ve never done it again. PS- Shy guy and I are still friends, maybe it’s not too late to help him out.
      lol at knocking me off my high horse with your manly words. Stay pressed ACE, stay pressed.

  • I’m on a cusp between an Aries and a Taurus… I LOVE Libra men haha. They really don’t bother me and I am such a free spirit I like that they give me the space when I need it and they are there when I need it too. I’d love to end up with a Libra man haha. I love the shy ones honestly because to me it shows me that they act this way because they really like me, and it gives me the chance to comfort them and warm them up and the time they go to open up they are the best damn mates you could ask for. The guy I’m digging bigtime is the shy Libra and we’re slowly making progress and I’m enjoying our time as friends right now .

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