Rule of Mouth

Published September 21, 2012 by bossymoksie

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

A quickie note for you ladies and gents out there fighting the good fight in the dating field this weekend. Here’s my unscientific, but very important theory when it comes to conversation with men, especially in the dating scene. This can apply to any conversation, with anyone though.

My theory is that whatever is mostly on someone’s mind, is what is gonna come out of their mouth. Except it goes through a filter from their brain to the mouth. Which means you are getting filtered version of what’s on their mind; a fraction of what they are truly thinking. Still, it’s enough to let you know where they are at. I refer to it as the Rule of Mouth.

Check it.

Sample conversation:

Me: Hey!

Guy:  Hey sexy lady? How are things with you?

Me: lol. Same-o, same-o. What’s going on tonight?

Guy: Nothing. Staying in. Wanna keep me company?

Me: No thanks. I’m trying to go out.

Pop quiz, ladies! Can you tell what he’s mainly thinking about when talking to me? And guys, can you tell what’s not on my mind. Yeah, his dick.

His mind is on one track, even when I’m not going on that track with him. He’s telling me exactly what’s on his mind.

My friends do this too.

Friend: I’m so excited about my wedding. I think I’m gonna have my dog be the ring bearer. I saw it in a movie.

Me: Awesome. The girls wanna go to [club name] tonight. Maybe eat before. You wanna come?

Friend: Hmmm. Maybe. You know what? I’m thinking of getting catering from PF Changs for our wedding. Our first date was there. What do you think?

Me: I think you are making me hungry for Chinese.

See what’s on her mind?

And then these bitches are hoping I will do something about it like be a bridesmad or have sex. Boo.

So ladies and gents, it’s not so hard to read most people’s minds. Because they always bring the subject back to what is on their mind. Do what you will with that information.


14 comments on “Rule of Mouth

  • Not sure I understand the PG Changs conversation, sounded to me like she was hitting on you….is that what she was doing? or do I just have sex on the brain? ha ha lol Nothing wrong with that if she was…I mean can’t blame her for trying!

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