Male Response to a Yahoo! Article

Published August 29, 2012 by bossymoksie

Sometimes I like to go on the Yahoo! page just to look at the all the sliding pictures with articles they have on their homepage. You know the ones. Right in the middle.

Anyway, they had this article titled “15 Biggest Beauty Turnoffs From Real Guys”. I was curious. Because all women are gorgeous and hot and cute so what the hell could ever be wrong?

The article itself is kind of nitpicky and dumb. Here it is if you want to check it out yourself:

FYI, when you look up the words ‘fluff’  and ‘meaningless’ in the dictionary, this article will appear as an example. What I did find interesting was the REAL real guy’s response in the comments section (in bold):

Superficial males? Your kidding right? Thats the ENTIRE female life. Watching what is “IN” fashion, what are the stars wearing, gossip, make-up at all, what will my friends think, etc.. This entire article is fabricated and mostly false. Most guys like simple things, quiet after a long day, sitting on the back porch, or just hanging with a woman who is not uptight, needs him 24/7, shows some independence, does not need constant reinforcement, allows HIM some independence, loves him for what HE is, doesn’t care what others think because SHE is a strong person, etc.. Get it girls. We are pretty simple all in all. There is a reason the boys need to be with the boys from time to time.. TO CLEAR OUR HEADS and relax…


“I wish my girlfriend would get a manicure more often instead of doing it herself. She is pretty low-maintenance.” Said no man, ever…


Infidelity and stupidity are my biggest turn-offs.


Biggest turnon: self-confidence.
Biggest turn-off: insecurity.

That is all.


I hate it when my girlfriend smashes my skull, douses me in gasoline, then sets me on fire. Total turnoff…


dark roots? admit it dude: unless she goes 6 months between dye jobs, you don’t notice or even realize the roots aren’t supposed to be there.


The biggest turn-off is nagging. I can live with (almost) everything else.


I think it’s interesting what these ‘helpful articles’ say versus what the commenters say. That is some real mixed messages mindfuck bullshit!

This is why I think you should tell everyone to fuck off and then just be yourself.

What do you think, guys and dolls? Are girls the ones that are superficial and focusing on the wrong things? Do guys just wanna chill and have fun? Or is a bad manicure a real fear and a deal-breaker?


21 comments on “Male Response to a Yahoo! Article

  • I think both men and women want to chill and have fun. People make dating and relationships much more complicated than they really are. Just relax, keep your game crisp and everything else will work out. I guess keeping your game crisp is the hardest part.

  • Where to begin?
    First: My many years of dating experience taught me that men do notice the following:
    1) Manicures and pedicures
    2) Hair style and hair dye
    3) Fashion
    4) Shoes
    5) Teeth (for sure- whitening strips) and smile
    6) Eyebrows and facial hair of any kind
    7) Purse
    8) Make-up

    Men may not be able to explain why they like the looks of a woman, but they do notice the above. For example, whenever I do a self-makeover my husband notices right away. He does not know exactly what is different, he just knows he likes it. The above are a must when dating, men do not know the details they just know that they like what they see, so they cannot write and explain such things. This is my experience. Have never seen a woman who does not do the above, get very many dates .I do have a self-make over post somewhere, have to find that article. Every so often, I will do the makeover on the cheap…will find the link. Very helpful when dating. Men are visual creatures, we do know that. They often want pretty with little talk, have found that out over time. Well, doubt they will find that, not at my house anyway. Do enjoy your opinions, yes men can be so superficial, but I cannot blame them as attraction is important, for men and woman alike.

  • @bossymoksie & readers – this is not an attempt to drive this discussion to my site or traffic. The article below, is a simple one-day makeover for dating. If you have a comment, please comment here on BossyMoksie’s site, as I usually NEVER paste links to a poste from my site, feel it’s not good blogging ettiquette. In this case though, this may help someone who is dating right now:

    One day self-makeover for a date. Please post any comments here on BossyMoksie’s site.

    Thank you!


  • Men dont know what the want one half of the damn time. Men will say oh I dont like a woman with weave but you will see them a week later with a chic with weave.
    And these men were petty! Lol

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