The Ball and Chain

Published August 17, 2012 by bossymoksie

I did want to follow up on my ‘Is Marriage a Joke?’ post with a post on my own personal fears issues with that specific institution. I implied that it’s not for everyone, and I meant that. And by everyone I mean women.

I read an article the other day and it got me thinking. The  article explains how some dude thinks women should shut up about wage equality because we’re lazy and want to spend too much time with our kids. I don’t want to talk about this asshole but you can read the article here:

But the article brought up a few points which made me realize why I don’t want to get married.

Wives still do more housework while working full-time then most stay-at-home fathers do???!!!! This has long been an observation of mine. When men get married, they get an assistant, a nurse, a nanny, a maid, a friend, a whore, and a cook. And little-to-no credit for it. Even if you are a stay-at-home mom, it is assumed that all you do is sit at home and watch soap operas while eating brownies all day. Um, soap operas have been getting cancelled, haven’t you heard? BECAUSE WOMEN ARE TOO FUCKING BUSY FOR THAT SHIT! Thanks feminism.

When women get married they get…um… Someone who will listen to every stupid fucking thing they say? Even though men don’t listen. Someone to share their hobbies with that you will eventually give up to be a part of his? Fun. Um, someone to share daily chores with? Keep dreaming. Someone to take care of your bills? Not in this economy, unless you’re a goldigger. Is it the mind blowing sex and intimacy? That last question was a joke. LOL! We all know that dies after marriage for most people.

Oh, is it to let society know that you are lovable and worthy enough to have some dude sit on your couch while you do everyfuckingthing? And by society I mean your parents/friends/ex’s/your ego.

And just so I sound smart and not like a crazy half cocked conspiracy theorist, I present to you this article about the social pressure placed on women and women only:

In what universe are women lining up for this shit? Oh yeah, this one. Women are begging for this and men are like ‘meh, I’ll get around to it’. WTF?! Is this the Twilight Zone?! I’m not even a lesbian and I want a fucking wife! If that’s not some brainwashing bullshit, I don’t know what is! Why is it that when I googled pics of a ball and chain, it was mostly pics of men wearing one, with a smiling woman in a wedding dress next to him??? Ha! More like the other way around. This is the ultimate mindfuck if there ever was in the whole dating game!

Because I know marriage is not a magic bullet to happiness, and I didn’t need this webmd article to point it out to me, but here’s a quote I thought was interesting:

“Here’s an eye-opener: In one survey, moms were asked what they most wanted as a Mother’s Day gift. “The overwhelming answer was ‘time to myself.’ Women who have the dream — marriage and kids — just want time to themselves,” says DePaulo.”

Maybe guys are more realistic about what marriage actually entails and that’s why they aren’t in a hurry. Or maybe they’re just afraid of the boring/lack of sex that’s in store for them.

Here’s a thought for the dudes: Instead of watching that 6 HOUR football game you could get off your ass and help your wife. There are commercial breaks. Then when you’re ready for a blowjob some luvin later, she won’t be so tired and fucking annoyed at your beer-bellied lazy inconsiderate ass.

I don’t completely blame men for all of this.

Women are so busy trying to be superwoman and be attached to a man that they forget that they were once a human being who liked to fuck, among other things.

If I have to do EVERYTHING in a relationship, then why am I in the relationship? I’d rather be single and cut out half the bullshit work.

Citing like a mofo on this post was inspired by this post:

16 comments on “The Ball and Chain

  • I think women benefit a lot from marriage. Materialistically speaking.

    She will get half of what man have and in some cases (when kids are involved) almost everything. Again in case of kids man will have to pay child support for next 18 years, no exception here, unless you live somewhere in Afghanistan lol

    In many countries even without kids, the wife entitled to spouse support (wtf is that, she is grown person and should take care of herself). I remember working with guy whose wife cheated on him and he caught her in bed with another man and divorced her, guess what, 6 years down the road he was still paying spouse support.

    Women get huge advantages to marry, guys in fact get none, because once married if she doesn’t wants to work or do house work or anything else she doesn’t want to do, she can just tell him to go fuck himself, and nothing he can do about it.

    So yah, marriage bad idea, for both genders.

    • I can see men wanting to wait for marriage to protect their financial security. I get that. But most households need 2 incomes to survive these days.
      And you’ve only pointed out one advantage for women to get married: part of your paycheck. And there will be women out there who is interested in mainly that. But there’s a lot of women who are interested in something else (I don’t know what that is)!
      That sucks about your friend. You shouldn’t have to pay spousal support if the woman cheats!

  • You are correct, if you look at my “Do Ultimatum’s Work” that is the result of Liz stopping all stupid ass superwoman wifely duties. Not being superwoman, so he gets to follow his dreams. Your post is spot on. American culture has made it so woman have too much on their plate. I agree with the lesbian comment too.

    Thank you for the pingback.

    • You’re welcome! I will check out the post.
      I don’t think it’s just American culture, but American culture likes to talk big about female equality and how progressive it is when it’s not really.

      • Exactly! It is not true. If you look at what male teens are allowed to do compared to female teens…female teens are just about locked in the house. Male teens – do they even usually have a curfew? It is not equal or progressive at all. Well, at least we can vote now. That’s a plus, oh and work, and do everything else, it sickens me. American culture runs women ragged. I mean how much more work can women take on? We get old fast due to being ran ragged with work, kids, housework, walking the dog, paying the bills, having sex, running kids everywhere, errands etc.
        It’s too much! Has to stop….

      • Yeah, but we are the ones that have to stop it. But women go along with it because they think that’s the only way they can not be alone and participate in society. And because it’s expected. But we don’t really have to, we can define our own way of participating.

  • Ya, well my ex wife did nothing but sit on her ass and drink wine. I had to leave work early most of the time and get my daughter from daycare. Then do all the chores. I guess that’s why she’s my ex wife. To add insult to injury she got my house in the divorce. A house that’s paid for. But one thing I do agree on is the women who do stay at home and do chores and take care of kids should get paid 50 bucks an hour. That’s a real job. Thumbs up

    • She knew exactly what she was doing! Sucks for you and the kid though. I think if you’re married, BOTH should be participating in whatever work’s involved. I guess both sides have to try to pick well.

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