These Boots Were Made For Walking

Published August 16, 2012 by bossymoksie
I’m very fond of making entrances.  Whether it’s the grocery store, a friend’s house, or the club. Sometimes I like fanfare. Sometimes I like sneaking up on people. If I could have a person carry a fan and let set it in front of me as I enter a room, I would. Then I would strike a pose and smize. I’m also very fond of a good exit, and my dates that behave poorly are very aware of that. Last week I mentioned how much I hate doing ‘the talk’ about where the relationship is.

Not only do I not like to bring up ‘where the relationships is and where is it going’ but I also don’t like to talk about something that annoys the shit outta me or is not okay AFTER the fact. I like to let guys know, AS IT HAPPENS, even if it’s just a dirty look. Now this isn’t an excuse to start going off in the middle of a party and breaking a beer bottle to shank a dude unless you’re both really into that or on a reality show.

I used to be one of those bitches who would logically list point out  how much you effed up and why and how it’s destroying the good time flow of things. I have talked, I have yelled. And I have had some pretty witty, good, hurtful comebacks too. But still none of this was effective. I strongly believe that when women talk all men hear is nv;snnjviagbavn ;lajogja[rg svdfnz zdfbfg jtydkmuj,;bdfhg.

Which is why I just like to say crazy shit sometimes, just to see if they’re paying attention. It’s also why I like to give monologues about stuff I know they don’t care about like hair and clothes, because they’e not really listening anyway. And I can get stuff off my chest and not seem like I’m talking to myself, even though I pretty much am.

The truth is that men only respond to the sound of your firm, tight ass hitting the door on your way out. Or not coming through the door at all. Then he wants to figure out what happened and how he can fix it. As long as you are still in his face, whether you’re yelling or smiling, he knows he still got you. You wanna get his attention? Put on your fabulous spike heeled black boots and walk out the door. They perk up then! Problem was, I used to do that when I was absolutely done with them so no amount of pleading, gift giving, or actually asking about my hair day was going to work.

So now, when they say or do something stupid, I just look at them like they are crazy. That is the warning. They do it again and I disappear. Sure enough the guy, then wants to know why I’m dry humping some guy at the club what’s up. If there’s something you don’t like, you tell them right away, not 6 months later after you realize it STILL bugs you even though it’s been clear wiped from his memory. Then you give him a chance to fix it. If he doesn’t come after you and want to know what’s up, or want to adjust himself then that’s when the walking boots go on and stay on.

And who wouldn’t want to look and feel this fabulous while doing so???


15 comments on “These Boots Were Made For Walking

  • I am a firm believer that you should not spend any of you time on people who bring nothing positive in your life. You seems to have more patience than me lol

    Some time ago I had a date with a chick who started texting on her cell phone during date, and not like couple texts. but actually texting non stop.

    I just cut it short, and calmly told her is she prefers her texts to a life person that right now in front of her than we should call it off. It was about 10 minutes into date, sent her home.

    • That is so annoying! I hate it when people do that! Why even go out if you want to hang out with your phone???
      And I agree, if you are making me feel bad, you better regroup or else I’m outta there!
      Guys just like to test you and see what they can get away with. Once they get the look, they know what’s up. I have less patience with dating, especially the first date. You better bring it on the first date! But in a relationship, you just have to draw lines…by knowing how and when to walk away! They comply, great, if not, I keep walking!

  • Yep….they don’t hear women…mine doesn’t. Grows tiring and oh so boring. I ignore…he wants to talk. I talk…he ignores. Might as well speak to my dog, or learn his language, which appears to be Klegon from Star Trek. The one universal language, as you stated are boots that pack a quick bag, all things and Lacey things….and walk out the door. Why? If they have you, why should they give attention? The chase for them is over. Well, if we walk out, the chase begins again and they follow which brings about the newness of the hunt and starts the pattern over again. Until, we walk out the next time.
    It’s the pattern of love I guess. Odd thing love is….almost like trying to run up an icy hill. Never get there, but keep trying…. 🙂

  • Exactly! Some men get bored very easily, well I do too, guess can’t complain…but can’t a girl get some freaking flowers once in a while? Guess need to learn Klegon to ask for that and write it in giant letters on the wall “GET ME FLOWERS FOR NO REASON ONCE IN A WHILE!” This should be common sense.


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