Is Marriage a Joke?

Published August 7, 2012 by bossymoksie

Kimmie K knows what’s up.

I get a lot of questions from married people… ABOUT A THIRD PARTY?!
Why the fuck did you get married?!
 If you want to sleep around, then BE SINGLE! How hard is that?

Wait, I know why you’re married. Because you don’t want to die alone. Because two incomes are better than one. Because the sex was so good that you thought you found your soulmate. Because you got (someone) pregnant. Because society told you that it was gonna be all sex, all rainbows, and all sparkly happiness all the time. Jokes on you, isn’t it?

This is why I think it’s best to not marry for love. If you’re in love you don’t need the government stamp of approval. The loving is rewarding enough. Most marry for companionship, for government perks, for cash, or for bearding or attention whoring. Kim Kardashian is really onto something. Marriage is serious business. ‘Business’ being the operative word here.

The whole marriage business started as a business proposal and I think that’s where it should stay. Who introduced this love shit? Some of my friends shake their heads at me but at least if I marry a dude for other reasons then we are on the same page. That’s more honesty than in most marriages. There are some people who are happy enough within their marriages but don’t try to con me into thinking that that’s the majority.

Why can’t society be honest that it’s a crapshoot? Half end in divorce and I’m pretty sure half of the ones remaining are pretty miserable and going through the motions. Why does everyone blindly follow the crowd? Marriage isn’t for everyone. And I’ll be first to admit it’s not for me. But people seem to do it like it’s on a check list of things to do in life. You really don’t have to. But society continues to lie to everyone act like it’s the most wonderful thing that will make everyone magically happy? And then berates women – and not men- who are single!!!

Think of the children? Yeah, I’m sure you ‘faking’ your way through your marriage and sleeping around is really good for them. What a great role model for them. They are just learning to do EXACTLY what you are doing. How great of you to instill those values and future happiness for your kids. Shame on me for wanting to deny them that. Maybe you should’ve thought about the children.

Also, why are people trying to protect the ‘purity’ and ‘importance’ of marriage by denying gays of it? Let the gays have an opportunity to get bored, frustrated and miserable too! I’m sure they’ll give their right to marry right back after they see it for what it truly is. Oh, wait. You want to protect the tax breaks that married people get. And the other financial and government perks. I see you.

Why are we denying a group of people all this bliss? (see video below)

*link jic:…2299.7228.0.7563.…0.0…1ac.OqymxoCIM8I&has_verified=1

Marriage= Business.

Oh, and if there’s any in-the-closet, rich and fabulous dudes looking for a beard, please give me a call. Thanks!

11 comments on “Is Marriage a Joke?

  • I’ve always wanted to get married. I also understand the business side of things. The marriage license has the same seal as a business license. For me that means I have to look at marriage as an investment. Love is cool but it has to be more than that. I need the girl to bring more to the table. (I won’t even say 100% cooperation haha. I know how much you LOVE it when I say that!)

  • LOL.That’s a good way to look at it. I just have so many friends that are eager to play wifey, ‘play’ being the operative word! I also hate how everyone tells me how great it is, but most people I know who are married are bored or unhappy. Too many illusions.

  • Part of me is still eager to buy into the fantasy. I still hope some day I’ll meet someone I want to spend the rest of my life with and make it work.

    At the same time I know so many couples who look great from the outside, but are really lying to each other and cheating. I also have friends who treat marriage like a checklist item. The next wedding I am going to, the couple has barely known each other a year, and don’t seem to be extremely compatible (in my opinion). The bride-to-be told me ten years earlier that she was going to get married at 32. And now she is, right on schedule.

      • The hope is that I’ll find someone I love above all others and am compatible with. I want to have a partner to go through life and build a family with.

  • How the F did I miss this article!!?

    I’m not even gonna get into the meat of the issue.I just have 1 theory about marriage:

    “People should NOT marry until they’re over 40”!!

    Fucking simple!!

    Young marriages(teens,20’s,30’s)CANNOT work!Not in these times.They might’ve worked back in 1960,but not in 2000’s.

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