Weekend Getaway Recap

Published July 24, 2012 by bossymoksie

Not bikini weather.

The trip went really well! Although I begrudgingly admit, that spending 72 hours straight with someone probably isn’t a greatest idea in the beginning of a relationship, if I can even call it that at this point. But who am I to turn down free drinks, a beach, and an excuse to get the fuck out of my town? We definitely were better acquainted with each other after this trip!

We went to Ocean City to hang at the beach and etc.(and I think he wanted to be close to the casino’s in Atlantic city).
We hit the beach, a few bars, and tried putt putt golf (drunk of course!). The weather was not cooperating enough for my hair or my bikini but we did not mind spending some extra time in our room. : –

When he hit the casino, I was was happy for the free fruity drinks and played cheer-a-leader while he gambled. It was the only ‘break’ for me and him from our undivided attention to each other. Everything is cool when you are napping in bed the partially clouded sun together, but then there are those moments on the boardwalk or the restaurant, where the awkward silences come in. You know those awkward silences, when the person you’re dating is new and you’re not sure if it’s silence because of lack of interest, or lack of shared interests, or you just both so sick of fucking talking that you’re brain is fried (or just hazy from booze). You treat awkward silence in this situation like a fart; pretend it never happened and just keep going! Most silent awkward moments were smoothed over by the alcohol running through my veins and sometimes, a quick joke.

In conclusion, the trip went off without a hitch because I was drunk buzzed 90% half of the time. He is fun even when we were doing the cliche dinner dates so I figured it would be a good time. That and because all I had to do was show up and have a good time, which is how I like life it.

Life should always be at the beach, with a drink in hand. This is my take-home lesson.


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