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Published July 21, 2012 by bossymoksie
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Where I answer your questions about love, life and hairy situations (questions in bold):

Dating someone else gets you outta the friend zone? That is ass backwards! What a crock of BS and game-playing! (Which you say you hate so much!)

Calm it down. It’s not just about wanting something someone that is wanted by other other people. I have a friend and his confidence has changed now that someone else is paying attention to him. Dare I say, I’d do him now. I’m not a stealing boyfriend bitch because I already get too much attention, but dang, he’s attractive now. You tell me why people change once someone is interested in them??!!! (That was rhetorical, I already know why.)

My ex wants another chance? Should I?

I need more information. As a general rule though, you broke up for a reason. If that reason hasn’t been fixed, keep him/her at the curb.

Does the friend zone thing work if you are a female that’s crushing on a guy?

It could. But if he hasn’t already tried to sexually harrass you or  take you off the market, most likely he never will.

I’ve been meeting tons of guys on line. We talk on the phone and text and chat online. But when it comes time to meet, they flake out! Is this how online dating works? How come no one actually wants to meet up?

They are married (or otherwise unavailable). That or they realized you weren’t an easy lay (which also means they are emotionally unavailable). Don’t spend too much time ‘chatting’ before a date. Besides, don’t you wanna see how much, or little, they resemble their profile pic before you start attaching your hopes and dreams yourself to them!!!

I am happily married. But there’s this beautiful man, a vendor, who comes into my job and we’ve been really flirting, getting at each other. He’s married too. And he asked me out last week. It would be fun! It could be innocent. It’s just nice to get that attention from someone else. I want to go but a part of me thinks I shouldn’t. I made up an excuse but the door is still open. What’s your take?

Shut the door and get that attention from your husband. If he doesn’t want to give it to you, then let him know you will be getting it somewhere else and see how he reacts. He shouldn’t like it and should step up or give some sob story as to why he’s been ignoring you.  A woman has attention whore needs too!

If you want my bitchy advice, please ask away in the comments section or email me at I will answer in a future blog post.

If you don’t want my bitchy advice, you might get it anyway.

4 comments on “Ask a Bitch!

  • It’s not hard to get out of the friendzone as a female. Most guys can easily change the way they see a girl, especially if she gives out signals of attraction. Unless she’s ugly or otherwise not girlfriend/booty-call material, the guy will go along with it.

    If he isn’t interested in the girl (yet), he probably will be less likely to think of her when she is taken by another guy, or even just flirting. The only reason this would work is if he already liked her, but didn’t have the balls to go after her.

  • That’s what I was saying. If a guy is attracted to you, you will know, whether he is aggressive or flirts and teases with you. UNLESS he is too shy (like you said and then they usually will break through that once they see you with someone else).
    But if a guy thinks you’re not attractive or relationship material, you won’t ever get out of the friendzone. I guess I’m agreeing with you! (But my answer in post was nearly the same as yours!)

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