Weekend Getaway

Published July 19, 2012 by bossymoksie
So I’ve been slacking in catching up with your blogs lately because I have been seeing someone on the regular.

He was a guy I met a few months  ago while clubbing. We exchanged numbers. He’s been traveling in and out of town (I threatened to climb into one of his suitcases many times). He does something in sales and marketing blah blah blah (I’m sure he’ll bring that topic up again). We went out to dinner a few times as friends when he was in town but I didn’t think much of him besides being a fun and free meal since he was gone a lot and I have A.D.D. A few weeks ago, we were going out and it occurred to me that he never brought up girls or dating. This usually means he’s gay or that he does some fucked up shizz with the ladies and doesn’t want me to know about it so I won’t judge his virtue datability. I decided to be nosy so I could use it against him later.

I say to him, “What’s up with you and the dating situation? You got a girl in each area code, as they say?”
“Don’t be shy. Gimme the deets. What girl, or giirrrrllllsss, are you keeping on the DL!”
“Actually, I was waiting for you to ask me out.”
“Well, you would be waiting a long time, because I don’t ask dudes out.”
“We should definitely go out.”
“You can’t take me to dinner cuz we’ve been there and done that. So what else you got?”
“Name it.”
He  looked at me to see if I was joking.
“You asked,” I said, playfully.
“Done. But maybe we should do something else on our first date?”
“Laser tag then.”
He still wasn’t sure if I was joking. I wasn’t.
“Yes, then laser tag.”
“Good because I’ve been wanting to kick someone’s ass in that for a long time now.”
“Are you a pro laser tag player?”
“When was the last time you played?”
“In high school.” I smiled.
“You’re on.”
BTW, I did kick his ass. Barely. The most important part of this post is that we are traveling this weekend with my bikini! (Not to Tahiti, I don’t even know where that is.) So I won’t be on here. But because I’m not one of those bitches who forgets everyone else when she is with someone, I have pre-scheduled my Friday & Saturday posts for you so you won’t jump off a cliff from missing me. You’re welcome.

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