Avoid Nice Like the Plague

Published July 12, 2012 by bossymoksie

The second rant installment of my ‘nice’ trilogy tirade.

Teen Anakin

Episode Two. ‘Nice’ is allegedly supposed to make us more attractive. But does it really?

I hate this dating advice: you should be more nice to guys. You should be more accommodating. You should be happy to do things for him. You should let him know you care. You should take care of him so he realizes he can’t live without you. You should be more nice. You know what? Shoulda woulda coulda. My advice? Avoid nice like the plague.

Nice is the stupidest word that ever existed. Lemme tell you something. Men don’t care about nice. You ever see a man with the biggest bitch ever? Or the girl with all the drama, gets drunk and then is fightin and crying all night? And then you’re like, wtf, I’m nice, I’m cool, why she gotta man and I don’t? Because you’re nice and nice means boring and men don’t want boring. Ever wear an outfit or dress and a man tells you that you look nice? That means you did not impress him and he don’t give a fuck. But when he says, ‘damn girl, you looking so hot I don’t even wanna go out tonight!’, then you know you did something right. Avoid nice when it comes to dating. Whether you act like a bitch, or cry in his beer on your first date, he’ll at least remember you…because you weren’t just nice.

Nice and good is good if you want to give yourself a pat on the back for being nice and good. Good for you. Men don’t care that you save puppies, give hugs to orphans, or saved the last unicorn. It’s a jungle out there in the dating game; it’s life and death. If you’re a doe-eyed baby deer, helping the butterflies, rabbits, and roaches alike, you will be eaten…and not in a good way.

What can a guy say about a girl who is nice? Besides, ‘she’s nice’! I’m bored just writing this sentence, imagine how a guy would feel spending the whole night with you??? BTW- you can reverse all the pronouns in this rant and it would still apply.
I’m not saying to kill his puppy or bitch slap his mom. A lot of my friends are nice, especially to men. They also complain about not wanting to die alone. A lot. Guess who isn’t worried? Guess who has had 4 marriage proposals before the age of 30? Guess who has 3 stalkers, one of which is talkin about movin to the east coast from the west coast? Guess who has at least 3 guys blowin up her phone each day hopin to get some face time? Not my friends. They say I can get away with it because of my bra cup size personality. I’ve seen girls just as voluptuous vivacious be just as alone and feel just as insecure.
Paris Hilton eating a burger that's bigger than her.

Paris Hilton, giving us the hotness, whether we want it or not.

It’s not always about looks. Case in point: Paris Hilton. I will not discuss her looks, some people think she’s hot and pretty, others don’t. The point is SHE THINKS she’s hot and acts accordingly.  Not only that, she thinks she’s marriage worthy. And men everyone else falls in line. She’s been engaged countless times. She does play the sweet and nice lack of personality card, but that’s not why the guy’s are lining up. They are around because she struts it.

You know what men like even more than nice? Respect. Directness. Confidence even if it’s all show. Attitude. Guys may huff and pout and shake their fingers at you, but they appreciate it and enjoy it more than they’ll ever let on. Attraction is more about how you think of yourself whether it’s delusional or not and not all the nice things you do for the guy (or girl).
And if you wanna get hitched to someone, you best get real honest. And sometimes, it’s not goin to be nice.
One more post to come!!!

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11 comments on “Avoid Nice Like the Plague

  • Uh…I agreed with your last post, but completely disagree with this post. Maybe I’m in a really small minority here, but I definitely want a “nice” girl. I will remember a nice girl for being genuinely nice (not just by her actions, but how she feels about them). I don’t want her to be passive, respect and assertiveness are needed, but definitely not drama or bitchiness.

    I guess both girls and guys can be “nice,” but they have to be “nice with an edge.” It’s fine to be generous and thoughtful, just don’t be a doormat and don’t be boring. If you don’t like being exciting or rebellious, just be romantic (and not the “hey I love you, here’s a teddy bear, want to go watch a movie?” but more like “oh look, it’s a full moon, let’s dance in public and not give a fuck.” Spontaneity and confidence/respect is key.

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