Free Shoes

Published July 9, 2012 by bossymoksie

You can’t fight the hotness of these shoes, so don’t even try.

As I’ve said before, I work in customer admiration service. I meet a lot of people. There’s this older gentleman who likes to chat as I’m ringin him up. He always makes sure he gets in my line. He likes to tell me about his life, like how he owns some boutique shoe store and blah blah blah blah other stuff. It’s like a mini-date. Except I’m at work and he’s not buying me dinner.

He then makes the mistake that old men should know better than NOT to do. Why does this happen? He tells me that I remind him of his daughter. Yuck. Why would you go there? Why doold men think that’s flattering? Or good flirting? Cuz now I’m just picturing you as some oldie dad who wants to change my diaper or something. Or you molesting your daughter but now she’s old enough to fight off your advances. Yeah, gross.

Dear Men of The World: Never, I repeat, NEVER hit on a chick by telling her she looks like (insert family member here). It’s creepy. It makes you seem like you are into incest and live in the south with two teeth. While I may have daddy issues, none of them have ever been wanting to fuck my own father.

Another view.

It makes me think that all he wants to do is take me shopping, get me an ice-cream cone, and call me his little princess. These are all things I like, just without the incestual undertones. He told me I could come by his store and pick out a free pair of shoes after many failed attempts of asking me out to dinner. Sweet! So, I go. It’s a cute store. He is actually not there when I get there, but one call from his sales clerk to him grants me a new pair of free shoes. There was a bit of confusion since some of the shoe sizes were in European instead of American. So I ended up taking home the wrong size! Bummer. When my ‘daddy’ came back to MY store, I told him my woeful tale of shoe size hijinx. He was sorry and invited me to come back to his store. This was not good enough. I pouted and looked more stressed and he FINALLY offered to bring to me the correct sized shoes. I sure did have the wrong-sized pair of shoes under the register, ready for his ass to take back and exchange. And he did what daddy’s are supposed to do. He made it right. And I did what spoiled daughters do, played with my new toys and forgot he existed.

Don’t even ask me how I took this picture.


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