And It’s Not Even My Birthday

Published July 1, 2012 by bossymoksie

You like me. You really really like me. And by you I mean, onlinedating journal. I have to give her mad props because 99% of my awards have been from her. She’s got a gazillion awards because everything is at her blog. Love, sex, drama, villains, action, comedy. All rock n roll, all the time. And now she is calling all guest bloggers to fill her shoes while she’s living the rockn roll dream for a month or two.

And now-drumroll- the award.

Dr. Horrible’s Blog Award

Now this is the badass award of badasses from badasstonia.

Bad Horse, from “Dr. Horrible”,  is a villain you should be afraid of apparently and if you don’t do as he pleases you will be very sorry. I like this horse. We are on the same page.

This award is for the baddest of the bad, who should rule the world! This award laughs in the face of rules! But gives them anyways. That’s how baddass it is.

1.  You MUST accept, otherwise Bad Horse will be very disappointed.  And you will not like him when he is disappointed.

2.  You MAY NOT pass this blog award to someone that has already won this award.  That means that it can’t go back to the person that gave it to or to anyone else that has already received it.

3.  Put the tag on your blog, so that others may recognize your awesomeness and not gift you again.

4.  Thank the blogger that gave you the award and link back to them on your blog.

5.  Award as many, or as few, bloggers as you would like.  You must give it to at least ONE blogger.  After that, it’s at your discretion.

Put the baddest bitch in heels right here.

6.  Answer these questions:

a) If you ran the world, what would you outlaw immediately?

Bad pick up lines.

b) Boxers or briefs?

Depends on my mood.

c)If you made a Nobel speech, who would you thank?

All the little people. Because they probably did most of the work.  
My Baddass Noms-
And a shout out to theforgottenwife for creating this amazingly badass award!

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    My comments aren’t being sent to your blog’s spam comment folder.Check it and approve my comments so they stop going to spam.

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