A (Frustrated) Nice Guy’s Response

Published June 24, 2012 by bossymoksie

Nice guys- too uncomfortable to tell a bitch she be trippin’.

So, here’s a message a faithful reader sent to me (in bold):


You are so full of shit. lol
“Women want an honest guy?” suuuure you do. Stop asking us trick questions  then! You women never want a guy to be completely honest. You’d kick us to the  curb the first time we stuck our foot in our mouths!
For example:
“Does this dress make my butt look too big?”
“Honey is that woman prettier then me?”
“Does this outfit make me look fat?”
“You’re not going to play cards with the boys are you?”
“What do you think of this outfit?”
“What do you think of my new hairdo?”
“What are you doing?” (Something we shouldn’t… drr)
“I just bought this and it was on sale! Isn’t that great??”
“Where are you going?” (shopping for gift/golf/bar/hang with the  guys)
“I think we need to talk. Right?” (During a game or intimate moment)
“Honey which is more important to you, me or your car?”
Rrrriiiiiight. Honest. Sure. Catch twenty two. If we’re honest  we’re in the dog house, if we’re not… then what?  There are a reason  little white lies exist dear. To keep us alive, keep our cajones  intact, keep us from being kicked to the curb, and to stroke your ego  just the way you want it. Think about it.

First of all, those are the dumbest fuckin questions I’ve ever heard. The only ones that should ever be asked is “What do you think of this outfit?” but ONLY in a flirting capacity and “What are you doing?” and only because you want something from him want to show interest in his day.

Unfortunately, girls do ask these questions and you’ve dated them. Before I throw you a pity party, lemme once again remind you of a few dumbass questions we women are subjected to (pre-relationship btw!) like “Do you cook?”Are you crazy?” or “What does a guy have to do to have sex with you?”. (Abridged answers: Not for you, yes, and lol loser).

But I am here for you.

Which leads me to my second point, as I said in my previous post, nice guys are uncomfortable with being honest which is why they choose to deal with above questions as though they are trying to shoo away an annoying fly. You do this because you are being a pussy uncomfortable about how you really think and feel. And if she’s not dense, she will sense your insincerity. (Even if she doesn’t admit it to herself or call you out on it). And now look, you all mad and frustrated about the situation.

Guys don’t enjoy being kicked in the ass when they need it but they respect it and appreciate it. Same goes for women. If you think it’s a stupid, trick question, address it. Just don’t be a dick about it. Be honest. You aren’t dense and see that those questions are about validation, and she’s given you the job to give it to her.
So here’s my solution for you.
First, I have to assume that since you’re a nice guy, you are with her for the right reasons? Because she’s fuckin amazing. Good.
Next time she asks any of those questions, say to her, “Why are you being insecure about your ass/our relationship/your looks/etc.? You’re amazing.” Then kiss her, hard. Question. Answered. How’s that for honest.

I can already hear you saying  that this wouldn’t work in every scenario. Check it out:

Her: “Does this dress make my butt look too big?”

You: “Why are you being insecure about your ass? You’re amazing.”

Then you kiss her, hard.

Her: You didn’t answer my question, though. I really need to know cuz blah blah blah blah blah…

You: Your ass looks amazing to me.

Bonus! Spontaneous sex.

My girlfriend is amazing!

Phone scenario:

Her: “Honey which is more important to you, me or your car?”

You: “Why are you being insecure about our relationship? You’re amazing.”  (Makes kissing noises.)

Her: What is that noise?

You: Me making sweet, sweet love to you on the phone because I can’t wait to see you and do this in person.

Honesty plus my advice:

Her: “What are you doing?”

You: “Why are you being insecure about my actions? You’re amazing. Also, I am watching porn.”

Reaction variant: from rolling her eyes and leaving you to it to joining you.

End scene.

PS- If you’re not allowed to be honest with her, she’s not THAT amazing.

You’re welcome.


14 comments on “A (Frustrated) Nice Guy’s Response

    • His question wasn’t dumb. But I think the questions the girls’ ask (within his question) are. There are better things to do with your man than waste time & energy asking those questions.

  • Yes, you are very right, honesty is extremly important. Altough, sometimes, being honest means beeing an asshole. Like when a girl wont leave you alone and tries to smother you, you might have to tell her to get the fuck away from you because she cant take no for an answear.

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